The Capital Programme in this year’s Budget totals spending of £182,382,000.

The majority of the Capital Programme for 2021/22 will be undertaken by the Department of Infrastructure in line with their responsibility to manage and maintain the bulk of Government’s infrastructure and its own share of the public sector housing stock. 

This year will see the addition of additional scrutiny of Capital Project delivery with an enhanced overview from the Strategic Asset and Capital Investment Committee and the addition of a major projects unit within the Cabinet Office.

The Department of Health and Social Care also draws significantly from the budget, and 2021/22 includes a new resident’s home at Summerhill and investment to replace the Laboratory Information Management system.

Other larger schemes include the Fibre Optic network improvement, a project to replace the airport fire training rig, an increase to the Climate Change adaptation fund to support planned, prioritised and rapid responses to flooding and other climate change pressures, an increase to the capital projects contingency to reflect the unpredictability experienced recently and the replacement of a range of emergency services vehicles and equipment.

These projects include:

A5 road redevelopment – £742,000

Acute adult psychiatric in-patient facility (Gedden Reesht) – £1,953,000

Airport ground services refurbishment – £7,076,000

Airport training rig – £2,200,000

Castle Rushen High School fields – £1,764,000

Climate change adaptation – £9,250,000

DHA vehicle acquisition – £2,046,000

Douglas Promenade and Walkway – £6,351,000

East Quay Peel – £2,468,000

Heritage Rail budget – £3,031,000

Heritage Trail improvements – £933,000

House purchase Assistance Scheme – £500,000

Fibre optic network – £2,394,000

Ferry terminal, Liverpool – £19,888,000 (under review, total scheme to cost at least £38m)

Jurby Development Initiative – £1,633,000

Minor Capital Works Villa/Gaiety – £451,000

Nobles Hospital (Compliance and Plant & Machinery) – £1,869,000

Peel Marina, dredging – £743,000

Plant & Vehicle Replacement –  £6,896,000

Pulrose Bridge Replacement – £3,698,000

Redevelopment of Grianagh Court (mental health) – £1,320,000

Regeneration works Michael Street Peel and Douglas (Castle/Duke/Regent/Granville/Church/Howard and Senna streets) – £1,720,000

Residential home (Summerhill) – £6,168,000 

Runway measurement and landing system – £953,000

Special waste Landfill Facility – £1,629,000

Strategic structural maintenance and center relocation – £3,659,000

TT race timing system – £1,079,000

West Quay Peel – £1,515,000