People Need to See Environmental Benefits

‘We are in a really good place and that did not happen by chance.’ That was the opening of Jason Moorhouse’s speech in response to Treasury Minister Alf Canna’s Budget today.

However the Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK said he still has concerns including a ‘big and expensive public sector’ which he said ‘hasn’t been looked at – it must!’

Mr Moorhouse said: ‘One of the largest investments in our Island this century is the construction of 282 new homes in Ballasalla – Much needed housing!

The by-pass has the potential to be completed this year, but where is the Government’s contribution – The roundabout? This could well become: ‘The road to nowhere’ or worse! THAT MUST NOT HAPPEN.’

‘I presume the Community Infrastructure Levy could assist at some point, but that will NOT pay out in retrospect – What will happen there?’

Mr Moorhouse said for him, the largest omission from the Budget is funding for the new high school in the south of the island to replace Castle Rushen High School.

The former teacher said: ‘Today, there must be a huge number of disappointed residents in the South – I am one! We really expected something. I now worry about the future of this much needed project. The £6 million increase in the Capital Contingency is a potential concern, from the perspective – Will this simply allow the Promenade to be completed?’

Mr Moorhouse said he is worried about the environmental crusade because of a lack of funding for working people.

He said: ‘We have moved forward with this, but too many ordinary people need to see the basics such as money for home insulation. That would benefit the people and the environment.

‘Today, an electric car is as real an option, as a rocket for many island residents. Let us “keep things real” and the people onside. Finally, we really are in a good place and for that we should be really grateful.’