School Is Cancelled

Taylorian Productions’ School of Rock show has been cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. 

The show was originally scheduled for 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic.

Now in an email sent to members of the cast and crew, seen by Gef, Producer/Co-Founder Matt James has confirmed it has now been cancelled citing the technical difficulty of the show with off-island crews unable to travel.

He said: ‘Two years ago, when we signed the contract for “School of Rock”, we were honoured to have been given the first opportunity to perform this amazing show outside of the West End. One of the reasons this show has not been attempted before is the technically challenging nature of having music performed live by young musicians combined with a fast-moving show with many scene changes. It requires detailed professional direction, planning, a full brand-new set design and build and thorough technical rehearsal, in order to produce a show that meets the standards that Taylorian Productions likes to achieve. 

‘Last year, at the start of the pandemic none of us probably appreciated that we would not just bounce back to full normality straight away and we were very hopeful that we would be able to produce “School of Rock” to our own exacting standards this year.  

‘Unfortunately, the pandemic is constantly evolving and at the moment we cannot see with any certainty if and when we would be able to get Chris and our Creative Team here to rehearse with you and as importantly to oversee the Technical Preparation in the couple of weeks leading up to the show which, as you know, involves twelve-hour days and specialist knowledge and is vital to the show reaching the standards of excellence that we want to reach.

‘Therefore, with a heavy heart we have had to make a difficult and very sad decision and it is with the greatest regret that we need to announce the cancellation of “School of Rock 2021”.’

However Taylorian will be presenting a show this summer that will be less technically demanding and one that they are certain can go ahead if crew from the UK can’t travel to the island.

His email also stated: ‘We are very happy to announce we have been given the rights to “A Chorus Line”.

‘Sadly this show doesn’t have any parts for children, therefore we would very much like to offer our wonderful Junior cast the opportunity to be the “Stars of a One Night Special Concert on the May Bank Holiday Weekend”.’