GP Surgery to Close

Our main story of the day has been the announcement by GPs at Snaefell Surgery in Anagh Coar that the practice is to close its doors. The Drs are blaming ‘wholly insufficient’ funding from the DHSC. You can read more about that here.

Island to Join Paris Agreement

The Chief Minister earlier today told Tynwald that the Isle of Man is negotiating with Westminster to extend the Paris Climate Agreement to the island. As we are a Crown Dependency, we are not able to sign international treaties ourselves, but can seek extension of UK agreements to the Isle of Man. You can read more about that here.

Jabs In Arms

More than 15,000 first and second doses of Covid vaccine have been put into residents’ arms since the rollout began. As of 4.40pm on Wednesday, the total number of doses given was 15,185. The island also has a store of 11,221 doses with 9,234 set aside for second doses.

Marshals Urged to Check on Each Other

Southern 100 chief marshal Peter Chadwick has urged race volunteers to check in on and support each other.

Mr Chadwick said in a statement on the races’ Facebook page: ‘Without wishing to belittle the serious reasons for depression, we have noticed a lack of racing is depressing many people, especially the often taken for granted marshals. For some marshals, the racing season is a way of life. Great friendships are made, and we all look forward to meeti ng in our groups at the various locations around the course. Catching up on what has been happening to individuals since last seen and enjoying the banter.

‘Work, life, or distance make it difficult for marshals to keep in touch and this is why we all get such a buzz when we know we are going racing. The Southern 100 Marshals Association would like to encourage all marshals to actively check up on their marshalling friends to see how they are coping with Covid and the lack of racing. Keep upbeat because when racing returns it’s going to be special with lots of competitors and spectators also in the same situation of missing racing.’

Banksy Wall Sold

A Banksy artwork has been removed from the side of a building in Nottingham and sold to a collector. The mural, which depicts a girl hula-hooping with a bicycle tyre, appeared on a residential street in October. The slab of brick was seen being cut from the wall in Rothesay Avenue from about 05:00 GMT.

Gallery owner John Brandler told the BBC he paid a “six-figure sum” for the piece, and wanted to help preserve it, as well as put it on display.

The Missing Princess

The United Nations has said it will raise the detention of Princess Latifa, the daughter of Dubai’s ruler, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Princess Latifa has accused her father of holding her hostage in Dubai since she tried to flee the city in 2018. Her plight was highlighted in a Panorama episode on Monday night. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has said the UK is ‘concerned’ about the situation.

Vaccine Ceasefire 

Dominic Raab has also called for ceasefires to allow those living in war-torn areas to get vaccinated. He will also use a meeting of the UN Security Council to encourage other countries to provide more vaccine support to vulnerable areas. The government says more than 160 million people in places such as Yemen could miss out on vaccines due to war. Oxfam has said the UK needed to help ‘unblock’ the supply system.