Douglas South MHKs Claire Christian and Captain Paul Quine have for a swift resolution to the potential closure of a doctors’ practice in their constituency.

It has been announced that Snaefell Surgery in Anagh Coar is due to close after partners at the GPs in Anagh Coar this week informed the department they intend to hand back their contract and cease operating the practice after a six month notice period. 

In a joint statement, Mrs Christian said: ‘We are encouraged that the department will be meeting with the practice early next week to discuss the decision and possible next steps on how the practice will be maintained and operated in the future.  

‘Mr Quine and I are fully committed to ensuring this practice continues and that the excellent service remains.  We have been contacted by many constituents, who are quite rightly concerned, this is an essential service to the residents of Douglas South, maintaining this is our top priority.  We look forward to and hope that the situation will be resolved swiftly, to reassure constituents in these difficult times.’

A statement on the practice’s website said: ‘This decision is based upon the new contract funding offered to Snaefell Surgery being wholly insufficient to develop the Practice in any meaningful and positive way. This ultimately means that unless the issue is resolved, Snaefell Surgery LLC will close on August 14.

‘This will of course have a major impact on patients and staff alike. Should you wish to contact your MHK, The Minister for Health and Social Care or the DHSC regarding this, we would encourage you to do so.’

The department has said it will meet the partners early next week to discuss the implications of the decision and the steps required to ensure continuity of GP services for patients. The practice has said it will do what it can to assist during the notice period.

Minister David Ashford said: ‘Snaefell Surgery has been a friendly and popular practice which has served the community well over a significant period, so I regret the GPs’ decision to terminate their contract. The uppermost concern for the department is the impact on patients, as well as the dedicated staff team at the surgery. We will keep patients informed about our plans to operate and maintain GP services in the future.’

Snaefell would be the second Douglas practice to close in as many years after the closure of the Promenade Practice was forced too close due to a lack of available GPs following a practice partner retiring.

A FoI request in 2020, before Promenade GP practice closed revealed the nearest practices, Kensington, Palatine and Finch Hill had 9,023, 9,752 and 4,924 patients already registered at their surgery. At that time 4,313 patients were registered at Promenade GP.