Whizz Wizard, A Truly Manx Invention

The Peel P50, the bimetal thermostat, the RNLI and the Panama Canal, all of which were dreamed up either by the Manx or on the Isle of Man.

Now a father from Union Mills has added to our island’s great history of invention and overcoming problems.

Dave Lowe, a former engineer, has created the Whizz Wizard, an inflatable device designed for cleaning trainers and shoes in a washing machine while removing the loud banging and protecting both the shoes and the machine itself.

He told Gef: ‘Cleaning the kids’ trainers, I used to always put them in the washing machine and I’d think that surely there must be something better than this and that’s how it all came about, I designed it, tried a couple of different ideas and it panned out to that.

‘As far as production, I was concerned as I had the idea of an inflatable which would be wrapped around the trainers but I was talking to people and they said they wouldn’t make it like that, they’d make it like this, so that’s how the final design was created.’

Dave said the noise of trainers banging around in a washing machine and the potential for them damaging the machine was one that ‘really bothered him’. The solution was not one that came about overnight, he originally thought of the idea in 2008.

He said: ‘I put in a patent search with a lawyer in London and while the idea had been thought of before, it hadn’t been inflatable and round the world there were about 50 patents for similar things but I said if I had my idea here with the rest of them, this is the one I’d choose and the lawyer said he would as well.’

The Whizz Wizard fits into the washing machine, with the trainers going in sole to sole and while it’s designed for washing trainers, Dave said fell runners who have bought it said they’ve used it more to help dry trainers by putting it on a spin cycle after jet washing the mud off their trainers.

To find out more about Dave’s invention, or to buy a Whizz Wizard, visit https://www.whizzwizard.com  or https://www.facebook.com/whizzwizard/reviews/ and check out his video below.