MLP Outlines Spending Priorities

The Manx Labour Party has outlined what it would include in a budget if its members were in a coalition inside Tynwald.

The party has released a set of measures, designed to help develop warmer homes, quality affordable social housing, community-owned renewable energy, cleaner air in towns, health and wellbeing, and community policing ahead of this year’s local and national elections.

MLP leader Joney Faragher said: ’These are all proven, practical and cost effective solutions. We would love to see these happen to help make life better for the great Manx public.

‘For instance, we know there’s a definite need to improve some of the housing stock, and for affordable good quality homes, so these are some tried and tested ways to start tackling this.’

The party has included a few of a broad set of policies, which the MLP will be releasing more details on ahead of the local elections in April when a number of party candidates will be standing for election.

  • Invest in quality social housing, e.g. set up housing investment bonds.

  • Facilitate a housing equity scheme for home improvements, particularly to help people who own property but are fairly cash poor (e.g. some retired people are in this situation).

  • Revive the Home Energy Conservation grants scheme that was dropped in 2014, to tackle fuel poverty, make homes warmer and cut carbon emissions. For homeowners and renters.

  • Invest in education and training to help a ‘just transition’ to a low carbon economy – e.g. training in home retrofits and energy saving.

  • Start to set up renewable energy investment vehicles, eg community energy co-operatives and energy investment bonds.

  • Invest in wellbeing: e.g. early intervention on mental health, preventative healthcare, and autism/neurodiverse services.

  • Invest in addiction treatment services

  • Invest in community policing and social work to prevent crime.

  • Revive & increase the profitable Energy Initiatives Fund for energy conservation and renewables within government.

  • Fund first steps of the Climate Action Plan (funding is already set aside).

  • Fund air quality monitoring in towns