Are You a Good Listener?

Manx National Heritage is looking for good listeners to help them to unlock the Isle of Man’s sound heritage.  ‘Listening Volunteers’ are wanted to listen to voice recordings from the island’s past, part of ‘Unlocking Our Sound Heritage’, a UK wide project to preserve and provide access to thousands of rare and unique sound recordings.

They are mainly oral histories of  Manx people and others talking about fishing, farming, childhood, their lives and places in the early 1900s, plus Second World War internees relating their experiences in the camps here and Douglas Prom hoteliers talking of the islands holiday heyday.  

If you are interested in becoming a Listening Volunteer in 2021, or just want to find out more, e-mail the team at MNH at or call 648072.

Car Park Changes

A proposed Parking Order will give the gov powers to regulate parking at the Bowl, the NSC  and the Hills Meadow facility at University College Isle of Man.

Minister Dr Al said: ‘In recent years we have seen an increasing number of vehicles being dumped, in various states of disrepair at our sites. I hope this measure can free up spaces for the people who need them.’

The regulations will also mean permits are required for daytime parking at the three sites and appropriate badges must be displayed when using disabled bays.

Lifeboat Returns

Port St Mary RNLI has its lifeboat back as Gough Ritchie 2’, which has been away in Fleetwood for maintenance, returned to the island. It was covered on the island by ‘Forward Birmingham’, which has attended three calls outs in its time in the island’s seas. During the handover, the crews had to observe Covid restrictions to ensure they didn’t mix.

Reading and Leeds – ‘LET’S GO’

Reading and Leeds Festival organisers appear to have confirmed the events will go ahead this summer, after plans to ease lockdown were announced. Under the UK gov’s plan, limits on social contact in England could be gone by June 21, if Covid is under control.

Wiley’s Victory

Everyone on the GP learning disability register should be prioritised for a Covid vaccine, the joint committee on vaccination has advised the government. This means 150,000 people at higher risk with severe disabilities will be offered a jab more quickly in England. But those with mild learning disabilities should not expect to be prioritised. It follows DJ Jo Whiley’s plea for people such as her sister, Frances, to be vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Tiger’s Crash

Tiger Woods is ‘awake and responsive’ following surgery on serious leg injuries suffered in a car crash in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The 15-time golf major champion, 45, had to be pulled from his crashed by firefighters and paramedics. The American suffered ‘open fractures affecting the tibia and fibula bones” in his lower right leg “stabilised by inserting a rod into the tibia’. Injuries to his foot and ankle have been stabilised with screws and pins.