We’re all tired of hearing that word, you know the one I’m talking about, the one that begins with a C. It’s affected our lives for almost 12 months now. Even on the Isle of Man, where we’ve been free from lockdown on and off for a while, it’s still keeping us away from our loved ones in the U.K, preventing us from travelling and the ever present threat of it returning to the island is a constant strain. 

This year, I’m so grateful to be here on the rock and to enjoy the freedom that we have. Although, even with that freedom to move around the island, we’re still kind of locked down here, we’re in a rather large bubble of 85,000 people. We still can’t jump on the next flight to the sun, so we’re spending our money elsewhere and escaping in different ways. We’ve had to make the most of what the island has to offer.

As a beauty therapist I think the lockdowns have changed the way people look at our industry. Not being able to visit the salon and a few botched ‘at home’ attempts at a leg wax or eyebrow tint has made people realise how much they appreciate their regular professional treatments and their favourite therapists. Even the British government has finally recognised us as a valid part of the economy- after all these years! Finally awarding us our own sector and no longer grouping us in with the hospitality industry. 

If you google 2021 beauty and spa trends, you’ll find things that aren’t so relevant to us here, like “How to look good for your zoom meeting” and “The best products for treating maskne”. So we’re setting our own trends! I’m declaring Escapism as our top 2021 Isle of Man beauty and spa trend after being “trapped” on our lovely island for so long. Literally just being able to escape to the salon, the  Isle of Man being one of the few places that salons and spas can be open without any social distancing required. This year, people are rethinking how they indulge,  and trying not to spend all that spare cash on home improvements. A little time enjoying a gorgeous facial, indulgent massage, a much needed mani- pedi or even a dreaded wax is a way to escape the grey, drizzly weather and devote some time to self care. It’s “enforced” sit down and do nothing time. It’s a small break when we can’t get away from the rock. The island has so many highly talented beauty professionals and an array of venues. If you’re not already escaping to the spa, what other excuse do you need to take advantage? Since the recent circuit-breaker lockdown, I have been so busy in the salon. People are spending more time on professional treatments, and we’re all looking and feeling gorgeous. We’re so ready for spring!