Over 9,000 Have Registered with GPs Since 2017

Over 9,000 new residents registered with GP surgeries in the island between 2017 and 2020, figures revealed in the Keys show.

Onchan MHK Julie Edge asked Minister David Ashford for a breakdown of the number of new residents to register at each surgery and for this to be broken down by age group. The figures only include new residents from either the UK or abroad. 

Ramsey GP surgery saw the largest number of new residents registering, up 1,272 over the four years, followed by Finch Hill with 1,013 and Laxey with 889.

The now closed Promenade surgery saw an increase of 651, while the Snaefell surgery in Anagh Coar, which Mr Ashford has assured will remain open, albeit maybe with new GPs, saw an increase of 508. 

The largest increase amongst age groups was in the rather large 17-59 years old group. A total of 6,843 new residents in this age bracket registered with GPs compared to 1,379 in the 0-16 and 1,101 in the 60-100.

Of the four years, 2017 saw the biggest increase, with 2,481 registrations, followed by 2,314 in 2018, 2,260 in 2018 and 2,068 in 2020. 

Besides just telling us that 9,123 people have registered with GPs surgeries having moved to the island, these figures also give an indication of the sort of figures we may see in this year’s Census. Following the surprise decrease in population from 2011 to 2016, the gov will be keen to see an increase in the island’s population, particularly in the working population in this year’s Census which is due in the coming months.