Lockdown 3 In Brief

Well here we are again, Lockdown 3.

There are many rules and regs being brought in, so we’ve done this quick catchup for what you need to know about the rules that are coming into place at 00.01am tonight. 

A separate piece on available financial support can be found here. 


  • Unlike the last lockdowns, all schools are staying open, not just hub schools

  • However, like the last lockdown only key worker and vulnerable children should attend them

  • If your child cannot attend their regular school, you need to contact their head teacher 


  • As before, visiting is very limited

  • PPE must be worn by staff and visitors


  • Where possible, everyone should work from home and only attend your regular place of work if you can’t do so

  • The building trade can continue to work provided they are working outside (with face coverings and distancing in place) or in an unoccupied building

  • Tradesmen can only go into an occupied building for emergency works

Face Coverings

  • As last time, these are recommended but not a requirement except for on public transport

  • However shops may make them a requirement of entry unless you have a medical reason not to wear one


  • If you have an appointment for a jab, stick to it as best you can

  • If you have any difficulty with keeping this appointment, ring 111

  • Face coverings are required and social distancing is in place for hubs


  • All organised sport is cancelled, but people can go out to exercise either alone or with their household, like last time there is no limit on this time

  • All gyms are closed as are most parks

  • All swimming pools and indoor sports venues are closed included the NSC


  • Bin collections will carry on as normal, however Douglas Council has said it has suspended kerbside recycling collections

  • The capital’s public toilets are to remain open, with the exception of Noble’s Park Bowling Green block


  • All sit in diners are to close and can only offer take away food, either through collection or delivery

  • All pubs, bars and nightclubs are also closed