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4 thoughts on “Daily Poll | Steam Packet Investigation”

  1. Tynwald Commissioner for Administration!“The Commissioner’s function is to investigate complaints from members of the public who claim to have sustained injustice or hardship as a result of service failures by, or the administrative actions of, the Government Departments (including action taken on their behalf); Statutory Boards; the Manx Museum and National Trust; the Public Services Commission; the Attorney General’s Chambers; the General Registry; and industrial relations officers appointed under section 5 of the Trade Disputes Act 1985. “

  2. I think we have enough to worry about without worrying whose to blame! Lets just get on with fighting this pandemic

  3. My inner cynic thinks it doesn’t matter who fronts the whitewash – sorry, ‘investigation’, emails will have been "deleted due to GDPR" etc so that Government comes out squeaky clean.Sorry, but that’s the impression I’ve gained from previous ‘investigations’.Never mind, though – lessons will be learned. 😉

  4. It looks likely that a Steam Packet Crew Member chose to "bend the rules" of isolation. That person should be made to stand up and account for their actions. Problem being Steam Packet are owned by the IOM Government, hence they are trying to brush it under the carpet.

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