World Book Day – Lockdown Edition

Chess Bradley, World Book Day throwback picChess Bradley, World Book Day throwback pic

Chess Bradley, World Book Day throwback pic

Today is the day before World Book Day, i.e. the day I would warn my Mum that World Book Day was in less than 24 hours and that I expected to win the competition, and she would stay up to the early hours, glued to her sewing machine. The whole thing was very much like a drag race design challenge, as she ran around deconstructing whatever was in the ironing basket, with the category being ‘could-you-please-give-me-more-than-12-hours–notice-next-time-PLEASE-Francesca’. 

In honour of the evenings Dawno sacrificed (thanks, Mum), we’re launching our short notice World Book Day competition! Sewing machines at the ready, we want to see some iconic book outfits. We’ve even teamed up with Shoprite, who are offering 3 fantastic sweets and treats hampers for the top three winners.

The rules are simple: dress as a literary figure. Our judges will be looking for creativity above anything else. Household costumes are not only accepted but positively encouraged (we want to see the dog joining in, too!). Bonus points if you can make your costume extra Manx, too! If you decide to go as your favourite Gef writer (Chess Bradley), there will be lots and lots of bonus points, but if you go as Gef’s Sam Turton, you’ll be deducted heavily for poor taste (soz, I don’t make the rules- oh, wait…). 

Entries are simple: send us your pics via Facebook messenger, or tag us in on Instagram or Twitter (@gefmongooseiom). Entries close on Friday midday, and we’ll announce the winners that evening! We look forward to seeing all your costumes!