Day: 9 March 2021

Gef’s Daily Roundup

Montreal Protocol Extended Increased measures to protect the Earth’s atmosphere from ozone depleting substances, under an international treaty, have been extended to the Isle of Man. Having ratified the original Montreal Protocol the latest amendments bring the island in line with the UK with immediate effect after their Government accepted […]

Packet Will Transfer Southern 100 Bookings

Following the announcement that the Southern 100 has been cancelled, the Steam Packet has confirmed that affected passengers will be offered the opportunity to transfer their booking or receive a full refund.   From Wednesday 10th March, customers affected by the cancellation of the road race event will be able to transfer […]

Exit Strategy Published

Nearly a year after the pandemic began, the Manx gov has now published its proposed exit strategy, which will, in time, lead to the opening of our borders.  The document itself is just under 30 pages and consists of a history lesson, a look at where we are, and the […]

Southern 100 Cancelled

Not a major surprise, but still a major disappointment as the organisers of the Southern 100 have confirmed the races have had to be cancelled again this year. This decision means only the Manx GP and Classic TT have not yet been formally cancelled, but it is widely expected this […]

HQ’s Exit Strategy To Tynwald

Tynwald kicks off with President Steve Rodan reading a message from Lord of Mann, Queen Elizabeth II  HQ statement: Almost a week since we entered a third lockdown, thanks to all the public for playing their part. Only time will tell, a critical moment in this outbreak. Cases at a […]