Tynwald kicks off with President Steve Rodan reading a message from Lord of Mann, Queen Elizabeth II 

HQ statement:

Almost a week since we entered a third lockdown, thanks to all the public for playing their part.

Only time will tell, a critical moment in this outbreak.

Cases at a high level, hopefully will decrease in coming days.

CoMin acted decisively to eliminate the virus, short term strategy.

Cases should level off and fall but this changes from day to day.

I’m looking backwards over what we’ve done, where we are and where we’re going.

Decreases of new infections, hopefully we can dampen down this flare up.

Kent variant spreads quickly, more prevalent in younger age groups.

Many people isolating together with the fam has led to household spread.

Stay at home, but you know the rules and advice if you have to go out.

111 continues with contact tracing and the vaccine programme, most vulnerable will be vaccinated quicker

Once people are vaccinated, attitudes and overall level of risk will change.

Framework will be released to the public today and we’ll debate the document this month.

Built around key stages for removing restrictions and opening up.

We have to look ahead.

Three key stages of framework:

  1. Preparation

  2. Transition

  3. Release

Will enable us to pivot from elimination to mitigation

  1. Preparation – little change in the measure we have in place while cases here and in the UK fall.
    Expect unknowns such as vaccine delivery to consist.
    Hopefully we can prepare to welcome friends and family to our shores.
    Any outbreak now will need a strong response.
    Probably take up March to April.

  2. Transition – significant changes
    Changes to border policy, but not full removal
    Should be well into vaccine programme
    May –  all adults should have been offered first dose
    July – should have done all second doses for vulnerable people
    Assess our levels of defence and adjust position accordingly

  3. Release, will have better understanding of how the vaccine is working
    Whole world will have a new plan for how to continue
    Plan for winter and removing any remaining border restrictions
    Border is our biggest defence and biggest threat
    Can only ditch restrictions when it is prudent to do so
    Where we can, we will seek external advice about whether people think it is prudent to do so from academic and public health thinking
    Hopefully September we should have vaccinated all over 18s by then
    Can’t be sure what will happen when
    We need to be ready to put measures in place if required
    While we can’t say when, we can say is how we will approach this

Balanced with all over main principles such as protection of life and rollout of vaccines etc.

We will release the programme today. Hope this will be helpful for measuring progress.

There is now hope and now a way forward.

It is a guide, a living document, the only thing I can guarantee is that some of our thinking will need to change as we progress.

One step forward at a time. Thank you Mr President