People Not Told Their Appointments Were Moved

People are reporting they have been turned away from the Chester Street vaccine hub, despite having an appointment for their second jabs.

Second doses at the Chester Street hub were moved back from their original dates, with the DHSC saying those affected were sent letters confirming this. However, some people have said they had received no prior warning and turned up expecting their second dose.

The people we have spoken to were keen to praise the work of the vaccine team themselves who are doing a brilliant job, but the situation raises further concerns over the gov’s systems behind the team.

One man told us on Monday: ‘Complete shambles at the Chester street vaccine centre today. I took my mum down for her second Pfizer jab and they said they weren’t doing them today, so I would have to come back on Thursday. Bit of a joke not to be advised forcing vulnerable people out when they should be shielding! They are concentrating on the Oxford vaccine, not that that is a feasible excuse on the first day of 1,000 jabs a day.’

A DHSC spokesperson said: ‘The vaccination programme is working at pace to deliver vaccines to the most vulnerable in our community, swiftly and efficiently. Our timetables have occasionally been changed to maximise use of resources, matching staff and supplies to those registered for vaccination – in line with dose intervals and our protocol not to administer two different types of vaccine through the same hub at the same time.

‘All those booked in for a second Pfizer dose at Chester Street this week have had their appointments rearranged to Thursday/Friday and calls, letters and emails were sent out advising patients of this. We look forward to delivering the highest number of vaccines in a week so far in our rollout, across the two hubs.’

Despite this, the man said his mother hadn’t had a letter confirming the change ahead of her scheduled appointment on Monday, but that she did receive an email on Tuesday morning. He added: ‘There has clearly been an admin issue as a number of people were turning up that hadn’t received any communication’.