With today’s announcement that the Classic TT and MGP have also fallen victim to Covid, the gov has hinted towards new air bridge links for the island.

Last year of course an air bridge linked the Isle of Man with Guernsey, which allowed Manxies and Guerns to swap islands and experience each other’s cultures, foods and weather.

However, the gov is appearing to hint towards not only a return to Guernsey, but also other air bridges opening up.

In its press releases confirming the races’ cancellation, they said: ‘Whilst the cancellation will lead to immediate postponements and cancellations from tourists, it is hoped that through a combination of staycation, air bridges and the gradual reopening of the borders in line with the Exit Framework recently published, the visitor economy will this year start its recovery and over time bring much missed leisure visitors back to the island.  

‘The sector has been provided with financial support throughout the pandemic, and remains under review. The Department for Enterprise has restated its broad commitment to ensure that support will remain available where businesses and employment are threatened due to Covid-19 and the associated border restrictions.’