How Grades Will Be Determined

The DESC has shared a document explaining how students’ GSCE and A-Level grades will be determined this year. The grades will be based on what students have been taught and will be determined by their teachers based on a range of evidence. See the table below or visit the gov’s Signposts website for more info. 


Steam Packet to MGP Honour Bookings

With today’s news that the Classic TT and MGP have been cancelled, the Steam Packet has confirmed it will honour bookings for the event by either rearranging them for next year or offering a refund. 

Staff will be in contact with passengers affected by March 20 with an automated rebooking/refund process, and are advising that that there is no need to directly contact the Company at this time.

Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: ‘Of course it is disappointing that there will be no Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix, but we understand the difficulties in organising events this year. We will be offering the same process as we did for the Isle of Man TT, so customers will be able to seamlessly transfer to the equivalent sailings for 2022,  opt to retain their 2021 booking or receive a full refund. We thank passengers for their patience and understanding while our Reservations Team works through this period of high demand.’

Leaseholders’ Rights

Liberal Vannin leader Lawrie Hooper is pushing ahead with his Private Members Bill to reform the law surrounding the way leaseholders can acquire management rights over the block of flats their leasehold is situated within, and also to reform the law surrounding the collective enfranchisement of leaseholders in flats.

He said: ‘It is the intention of the Bill to bring the Isle of Man into line with the UK in providing that long leaseholders of flats have the right to collectively obtain management rights of their block of flats if they meet certain criteria as specified in the law. 

 ‘The Bill uses the process that already exists in Manx law with some modifications to bring about this change and it also contains protections for landlords (the freeholder) by requiring that they be able to continue to participate in management of the property as well as ensuring there is a route through which they, or other leaseholders, can seek redress should the new management arrangements prove detrimental in any particular case.’

A consultation on the Bill can be found here.

Met Officer Arrested for Murder

In a case that has dominated the British news today, a service officer in London’s Metropolitan Police Force has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the dissaperance of a woman in her 30s.

Sarah Everard, 33, was last seen a week ago in Clapham, south London, on her way home from a friend’s house. The suspect, in his 40s, is an officer with the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, the Met said.

I Refused to Follow Orders

Police officers from Myanmar have told the BBC they fled across the border into India after refusing to carry out the orders of the military which seized power in a coup last month. In some of the first such interviews.

“I was given orders to shoot at protesters. I told them I can’t.” For nine years Naing – whose name the BBC changed for his safety – served as a policeman in Myanmar, also known as Burma. Now, the 27-year-old is hiding in the north-east Indian state of Mizoram.

Piers Stands by His Words

Piers Morgan has said he stands by his criticism of the Duchess of Sussex as ITV’s Good Morning Britain aired for the first time since his departure.

Morgan left the show on Tuesday after saying he “didn’t believe a word” Meghan said in her interview with Oprah Winfrey. Ofcom is investigating his comments after receiving 41,000 complaints. It is also being reported the duchess formally complained to ITV about Morgan’s remarks.