A Love Letter to the Isle of Man Ladies Lock Down

Imagine Facebook, but instead of being full of really weird Wish ads (just me?) and baby pics, it’s just full of your really sweet aunties that are relentlessly supportive and love a meme.

That’s exactly what Isle of Man Ladies Lock down is. Created by Karen Hannah in the first lockdown almost a year ago, it’s a group for Manx ladies to support each other through lockdown. Karen obviously did something right: the group now has a community of 9000 women.

While lockdowns may be sadly familiar to us now (third time’s a charm, eh?), the first lockdown was completely unprecedented. With most of us having to stay at home, many of us began to feel isolated, and, understandably, anxious. Ladies Lock down allowed a virtual community of Manx ladies to emerge, all ready to support each other through the difficult times ahead.

The internet is often an aggressive place. However, Ladies Lock down may be one of the few places on the internet where women can feel like they can be real and vulnerable. Women tend to share their anxieties, and there is a community to reassure every woman that they are not alone in such strange times.

This year, due various lockdowns and closed borders, many birthday, anniversary and other celebratory plans have had to be cancelled. Karen makes sure that no day goes uncelebrated by asking the group daily whether anyone has anything to celebrate. She’s truly an expert in spreading positivity. 

Ladies Lock down is the perfect place to get some light-relief, too, thanks to its hundreds of meme queens. A quick look on the page, and you’ll find tons of cheesy jokes and the hottest memes. Watch out hubbys, however: you’re often at the firing line of the jokes.

Soon, hopefully, lockdowns will be a mere thing of the past. However, we hope that ladies of lockdown will continue to provide the much needed positivity within our community. Ladies Lock down, we love you ❤️

2 thoughts on “A Love Letter to the Isle of Man Ladies Lock Down”

  1. Yes its an amazing page and we are all from different ages and backgrounds, Karen has truly done an amazing job at sharing positives and helping everyone (including myself) to feel safe, happy and not alone. I do belive that this page will continue even if we never have lockdowns again. Many thanks Karen and the group.

  2. Fantastic page and group of ladies. It’s a life line to us all. It makes us laugh and cry but together. Big hugs xxx

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