Howard, David, Dr Henny

Well good afternoon everyone.

Sad news that another member of our community has lost their life to Covid-19

My heart goes out to family and friends. Sincere condolences

The unhappy fact is that Covid has taken so many lives around the world

We have now tragically lost 26 people to Covid here

We have eliminated it twice 

Maybe it made the pandemic feel far away 

Despite all of our collective efforts, we can’t completely shield ourselves from it 


Tragic enough when anyone in the community loses their lives 

Today’s sad news hits us all 

We must always remember that behind the stats are people

We are limited in info we can give on the case – patient confidentiality 


  • 2 awaiting results (2 tests to be processed)

  • 66 new cases

  • 704 active cases

  • 12 in hospital


It appears the measures are having an effect 

Keep up the good work – following the rules 

Some crew members from the Ben have been instructed to self isolate. Steam Packet has contingency measures in place. Arrow will handle overnight freight 

Although today is sad, there is some positive news

30K vaccines delivered 

Hat’s off to the jabbing team 


30,672 vaccines 

19,888 first doses

10,782 second doses 

It means we are moving swiftly through categories 

7,000 letters going out. 111 going to be busy 

Ramsey pop up clinic this weekend. Please don’t go in via main entry, side entrance, please

If you have had the vaccine, please still be cautious, it takes time to build

As a community, our best defences are masks, washing hands etc 


Some more good news – new dashboard 

New dashboard provides a snapshot of cases and breakdown by source and demographic 

This is V1. We welcome feedback. – latest updates section 

For those in self Iso – St John Ambulance are doing prescription pick up and drop off service

Loads of businesses like Robinsons are delivering food 

Before we go to Q’s – Media; remember that people are grieving, we can’t share much. With that, Paul Moulton…


Paul: Underlying health issues? Anything?

David: Older age group, don’t have info on an underlying health condition. 

Paul: Are you under pressure on ventilators?

David: No, only one person in ICU. Very few patients require ventilators. Many require Oxygen Therapy which is very different.

Paul: Steam Packet – what has gone wrong?

Howard: Asked for a review. Once I have it, I’ll publish it. Officer will start taking evidence on Monday. 

Paul: Can you bring the Steam Packet boss to a press conference?

Howard: These are gov briefings. Let’s wait for the report.

Josh: Terribly sad news. Emotions are running high. But also suggested as an avoidable situation. The public wants empathy from the gov and accountability?

Howard: Procedures are not 100% perfect unless we totally close our borders. We can’t start the blame game. Gov acted quickly. We need to kick the virus off the island ASAP.

David: Worrying time for the community. News will be a body blow to many. As an island, we have always pulled together. We are dealing with an invisible enemy. Need to do things on the balance of risk. Nothing you can do will ever be watertight. If we stick to the rules then we can free ourselves yet again. 

Josh: GSY are opening borders in July. Can IoM make a commitment?

Howard: Understand ‘at the earliest July’. We need to keep an eye on the whole picture. If we can bring ours forward, fine.

David: It’s very easy to fixate on dates (Project Manager brag). What matters is the detail and the transition phases, focus on that rather than the date. Journey, journey, journey 

Richard: Do we have an R number?

Dr Henny: No, R numbers for small populations don’t work 

Richard: What equivalent info do we get?

Dr Henny: We get it from our outbreak curves, you’ll see it in the new dashboard 

Richard *HANG ON*: Vax is looking good. As we’re going down the age profile. What about people who aren’t registered with a GP? And if they don’t speak English…

David: V good point. One of the things we have changed is that you can now be registered temporarily. We’ll be telling young people about it through Facebook.

Rob: Are bereavement services on offer to those affected?

David: We do have services available, urge anyone struggling should use them 

Rob: Easyjet announcing flights from May?

Howard: Haven’t had any personal negotiations with Easyjet. We hope to make changes for family and friends. Maybe they saw that and decided. Borders won’t be fully open by May, but hope friends and family can visit. 

Tim: Deepest condolences. Figures for self iso number? When will key workers get a school hub?

Howard: 1,000 people should be coming out of lockdown over the weekend. School Hubs – we need to protect young people and teachers. Now isn’t the right time. 

David: Need to avoid a second spike. We know WFH with kids is a nightmare. 3,554 in self iso. 

Tim: Some people are saying they don’t want a full enquiry into the SPC. Some are saying they do. Surely an enquiry isn’t a witch hunt. It is about improving processes and systems…

Howard: Yep. Review underway. 

Al Bell: Of the cases in hospital…Any of them had the vaccine? Ages?

David: Dunno. Personal records. Across a range 

Al Bell: Will Manx gov compensate Tourism industry up until Sept?

Howard: Accept that the only business happening in accommodation will be staycations and isolating 

Simon: How is compliance? Are people still sticking to the rules?

Howard: No reports that there have been significant cases of people not following the rules. We’re advertising that it’s the Kent variant.

Simon: Currently using AZ and Pfizer, will we add Moderna soon?

David: Yep. The UK won’t get their supply until Spring, then we’ll need to do the paperwork etc 

Simon: When a new cohort of people become eligible. Is it alphabetical order?

David: No, letters go out in batches by GP 

Sam: Testing Bemahague students – What is the situation? Parents saying the tests have been different between the first and second test. It’s confusing…

David: A few people have said the first test was around the mouth. The second time more invasive, right up the nose. I’ve fed it up the chain to see if anything needs to be done. Can’t comment further.

Sam: People are still saying they are being sent vax letters in error?

David: Age cohort is by date of birth. Clinically vulnerable, reliant on GP’s list. It’s a very manual, intensive process. Out of 7,000 letters going out, there will be a few errors. 

Howard: No system is perfect. Credit and tribute to the team vaccinating and packing the letters. 30k under our belt tho.


I know the weather is nice this weekend but stay at home as much as possible. 

Protect lives – even your own. 

Don’t visit your Mum. Have a teams chat. 

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