This International Women’s Day, we asked you to share some love, and by God, you all came out in FORCE! Specifically, we asked you to nominate your favourite lady drinking partner who you thought deserved a whole MAGNUM of Whispering Angel, kindly gifted by our mates at The Wine Cellar.

While we can only give out one magnum, we couldn’t keep all the love to ourselves! We wanted to spread all the good vibes and share some of the messages that you shared with us. There were literally hundreds of messages: this is but the tip of a very big and lovely iceberg. 

Love for Mums

Manxies love their mamas 😍 Lots of you were wanting to treat your Mums this mother’s day- like Courtney Goldsmith, who described her Mum, Stacey as “the best mum you could ask for” and told us she deserved a treat.

…And even more love for Nanas!

You were proving that Manx nanas are less about knitting and a cuppa, and instead love a little sesh. Mollie Workman nominated Samantha Workman, who is missing her grandchildren. Mollie cheekily noted that Samantha “might as well have a drink before we open up, because she’ll steal [Mollie’s] children the minute she gets hold of them”. On a more serious note, Mollie noted that Samantha is the “best gran” and that she “wouldn’t know what [she’d] do without her”.

Gal pals

Through thick and thin, us Manx gals have each other’s backs. You told us about the girls who you love to share a bottle (or two, or three) with, the girls who have supported you through the tough times, and the girls you’ve known for decades.

Janine Boyd told us that her friend, Jenny Kelly has always been there for her, “no matter what”, while Vanessa Simpson shared that her pal, Natalie Dean, has been an “absolute rock” as she helped Vanessa through the grief of losing her Dad last year.

Love for our key workers

There’s also been a lot of love for the ladies who have been working throughout the pandemic. Hayley Callin wanted to celebrate her mate, Lisa Lockwood, a nurse and mother who deserves a treat. Likewise, Regina Grimley wanted to celebrate Julie Maddocks, a hard-working PC who is also a fab friend!

The men appreciating women

It wasn’t just the ladies sharing the love: the men were out in force celebrating some brilliant women. Matt Leadley described Egle Leadley as a loving wife and mother who is the best at finding things he can’t see (especially the things usually right under his nose!).

Keep your eyes on our socials tonight, where we will be announcing our winner! With there being so many amazing women out there, we’re encouraging you to make sure that the ladies know they’re loved! And if we’ve got you tempted for a little tipple of Whispering Angel, The Wine Cellar is delivering 6 days a week, to assure that you’re hydrated for all those girly zoom calls.

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