IoM Gov Briefing – 15th March

Howard, David, Dr Al, Dr Ewart

Well good afternoon everyone 

Thank you for staying at home over the weekend, I know it isn’t easy


  • All tests have been processed – no awaiting results

  • 29 new cases

  • 847 Active Cases

  • 14 in Hospital


Trend is a downturn – Positive – Nice One

Unexplained cases continue to pop up. Some are from people still going about their business, like going to work when they have symptoms. This has to stop.

Only go to work if it’s critical. Don’t go in if you are showing even the slightest symptom. 

Contact Tracing had to close a business because someone went in with symptoms.


29 new cases – great news

Curve starting to plateau, need to keep up circuit breaker mitigations to ensure plateau doesn’t prolong or go up 

Our cases should be linked to known low-risk contacts 

Seeing more community cases than we’d expect – means people aren’t following the rules 

Any informal household mixing – out of order – if we can’t identify it, it will keep the spread going

Don’t justify things to yourself. Don’t forget it’s the Kent variant.


The vaccination programme is picking up pace. I know this week is looking busy too

900 people have had their day 13 exit test in the past few days. Thanks to everyone who self-isolated 

The hospital remains a concern 


Ward 2 + Private patients unit available for Covid cases, requires significant staffing 

Staff under pressure, as some are isolating 

Covid ward is operating, but people need to use commodes as they are on Oxygen supply and it’s hard to move them

If you have had the vaccine, you still need to follow the rules 

Clinically vulnerable – Make sure you choose the right dropdown on the online VAX (16-64 – confirmed at-risk group category)

Age cohorts letters go out as they are so if you’re clinically vulnerable, you might get two letters. Just ignore one. 


Steam Packet – Independent review into direction notices etc. Terms of Reference for the investigation have been finalised and published on the website- Steve from the Treasury is running the show. So it’s independent from the Cabinet Office. 

COMEN met this AM – We are extending lockdown for a week to see the data we need to make a decision. 

Lockdown has been extended to the 31st March (the day before April fools)

Hopefully, we can start easing restrictions after that – deckchairing etc 

If we continue to see unexplained cases, we might need to extend. But that’s not what we want.


Sam: What are the plans for the schools? And for exams? And what about hubs?

Dr Al: Evident that Schools are not opening until after Easter. There won’t be any physical sat exams this Summer. The website will share more information on how grades will be assessed. 

Hubs – still predominantly children spreading, working to devise testing programmes so we can open a hub. Needs to be safe. 

Sam: On the vax dashboard – 3,500 vax booked in for the next week. Are we not doing 1k a day? Is 111 slowing down the bookings at all?

David: 111 continually booking people in but it’s a snapshot figure. Over the week as time goes on more slots are filled. Encouraged by the uptake so far. 

Paul: What’s the maximum amount of vaccinations you can do in a week? 17k in stock?

David: We hold a buffer in case the boat doesn’t go. 5-7 days worth of vaccines so we don’t have to keep stopping and starting. The maximum we can do in a day is just over 1,000 a day. 

If we get more stock we could throw more resources at it easily. Our maximum is the ability to get stock. 

Paul: Should we move from 10 to 12 weeks for the 2nd Dose?

David: Keeping it at 10 weeks, but can move to 12 if delivery schedules are disrupted 

Helen: Can we get a breakdown of Hospital cases? Figures are misleading…

David: Can’t drill into the detail for patient confidentiality. All patients tested on arrival.

Helen: How many of the known active cases are asymptomatic?

David: Symptomatic: 594 Asymptomatic: 253

Rob: Support Bubbles?

David: Nah, we need to break transmission chains. 

Howard: COMAN know how tough it is for those living alone. The biggest spread risk is household mixing. The minute we can release it, we will. 

Rob: What are the chances of someone getting reinfected in the household?

Dr Henny: Not if the person is within 3 months of the first infection. Carry on good hygiene.

Tim: Guy from the Treasury is going to conduct an independent investigation? They are the shareholders of the Steam Packet? How is that independent?

Howard: Audit is totally independent but it’s based in the Treasury. The review will be published.

Tim: People working in pharmacies having key worker status removed?

David: No they’re still keyworkers. Maybe it’s hub school access they are talking about. Hubs won’t be back up and running before Easter.

Dr Al: Pharmacy is essential, we’ll be working with preschool providers to extend the service 


Confident we can get through this 

Let’s put the Circuit Breaker behind us 

If you show symptoms, don’t brush it off 

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