Adults who live alone and lone parents and their children can now “team-up” with one other household when they feel they need support.

CoMin agreed the change yesterday following the announcement that the current COVID-19 measures will stay in place until at least 6 April. 

A person living on their own, or a lone parent, will be allowed to have visitors from one other household team-up with them to provide practical or emotional support.

  • They will be able to receive the visitors from the other household into theirs, and conversely they will be able to visit the other household.

  • Any arrangement should be a reciprocal arrangement such that only two households at any time are teamed together. If there are other household members involved, they cannot select an additional third household.

  • The public are asked to recognise any interaction carries a risk and other than for vulnerable persons, lone parent families and those living on their own, there is no change to the prohibition on household mixing.

  • Anyone feeling unwell and displaying any COVID-19 symptoms should stay at home and call 111, and any household who has anyone isolating in it, cannot participate in any team arrangement until the isolation period has passed.

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