Education to be ‘Personalised’

Education Minister Dr Alex Allinson has said his department is in the process of devising new strategic objectives that will guide the functioning and outcomes of the education service over the next five years’.

In response to a question from Ramsey MHK Lawrie Hooper, he added: ‘Part of this strategy will be aimed at ensuring island children receive personalised, collaborative and integrated learning experiences for the digital generation. 

‘Education technology (Edtech) will be a vital medium for achieving these objectives. The Education service will continue to work collaboratively with pupils, school teachers, technology providers and importantly, the wider public and private Isle of Man digital sector to deliver our ambitious goals for the future.’

Fix Your Own Pavements

Taxpayers should not be expected to pay for pavements on private land to be brought up to standard, the DoI Minister has told Tynwald. Tim Baker was asked by Garff MHK Daphne Caine whether DoI will review its decision not to adopt pavements in Manor Park Estate, Onchan? The estate was built between 1987 and 2013 and until recently, had ‘Private’ signs placed at the entrance to the estate. 

Mr Baker said: ‘The taxpayer cannot be expected to fund works to private footways.

Those who have enjoyed the benefits of private roadways should not be able to claim on the island’s taxpayers when they find that there are costs as well as benefits. Why would the taxpayer fund the maintenance of roads that taxpayers are not allowed to use?

‘My officers have told the residents that there is a legal route to adoption that requires them to fund any necessary works. The majority of residents have indicated that they do not wish to proceed. That is entirely up to them – it is their road and they can do what they like with it. The Department has no plans to adopt the footways in the Manor Park Estate in Onchan and will not review its decision until it receives formal confirmation from a majority of the residents that they are willing to pay for the footways to be brought up to an adoptable standard.’

Manx Language Society

On this day in 1899, Yn Çheshaght Ghailckagh (The Manx Language Society), was founded.  A post from Culture Vannin said: ‘Fostering the great work of some of the greatest figures in Manx language & culture, from Sophia Morrison to Brian Stowell and so many beyond, the possibility of Manx Gaelic flourishing in the Isle of Man would have been impossible without Yn Çheshaght Ghailckagh.

‘For all the society has done over the past 122 years, and continues to do today, for the language and culture of the Isle of Man, gura mie mooar eu, Yn Çheshaght Ghailckagh! As well as acknowledging a great Manx society, it also gives us the opportunity to share this quote from William Quayle at that first meeting 122 years ago:

“When a nation loses its language, it loses its most precious gift; it loses its patriotism; it loses its nationality, and becomes, as it were, a nation dwelling in a strange land”.

Guernsey Exits Lockdown

Our friends in the Channel have today removed all restrictions on residents, with the exception of still being required to isolate upon arrival into the Bailiwick. Their second lockdown saw the island locked down for 57 days following an outbreak of Covid. We are now 20 days into our third lockdown, which is due to carry on until at least April 12. 

Big Four Doubt Vaccine

Polling by YouGov shows residents of the EU’s ‘big four’, Germany, France, Spain and Italy shows that a majority of people see the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab to be unsafe. This is despite numerous health bodies across the UK, EU and USA confirming it is a low risk vaccine with the benefits heavily outweighing any potential issues. The US trials also showed the vaccine has ‘no link’ to blood clots. 

EU leaders will meet virtually on Thursday to question export bans on vaccines as long as the pharmaceutical company fails to deliver on its contract with the EU. The EU’s failure to get to grips with the vaccine rollout has seen it make moves to attempt to block exporting the vaccine to Britain and other countries including Australia.’

Women’s Football on BBC

The BBC will show the Women’s Super League on free-to-air TV for the first time in a ‘landmark’ three-year broadcast deal. From next season, WSL games will be shown live across the BBC and Sky in the multi-million-pound deal. Remaining matches not selected for broadcast by the BBC or Sky will be shown live on FA Player. The BBC will broadcast 22 live matches, with a minimum of 18 shown on BBC One or BBC Two. Sky Sports will provide coverage of up to 44 matches screened across the Main Event, Premier League and Sky Sports Football channels.

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