Howard, David, Alf, Dr Henny

Well good afternoon everyone

Alf is here today to share an update on the economy 


*David on Zoom with his Churchill book in the background

  • 17 new cases

  • 16 in hospital

  • 2 in ICU


Frustrating to see unexplained cases

The team are working hard to work out why 

We should not be seeing them unless people are not following the rules 

Traffic suggests too many people are going to work 


Good news – curves coming down nicely but slower than we’d like 

Continuing community cases 

Maybe that Kent variant has a longer incubation period – people still testing positive on day 13

But it’s also that people are still going to work with symptoms 

Contact 111 if you have symptoms 


We have to protect our critical services – hospital, police, food producers – we mustn’t take them for granted 

Every time someone mixes with another household there is a risk



If you are an employer – are you acting responsibly?


*With some slides*

We want to stabilise the economy, protect people and jobs and invest in the future 

Salary Support, MERA and CBSS are our flagship schemes. More detailed update from earlier today.

Unemployment situation had stabilised but has started to rise again 

Difficult situation for businesses. We recognise increased pressure so MERA has been increased along with Salary Support 

MERA & Salary Support extended in line with lockdown 

New rates bill cash grant – average around £3,500 

We want to keep jobs stable and protect people 

£250 one-off for hospitality businesses who closed for the the Saturday night lockdown 


Food retailers play a vital role in our lockdown/life 

Some messages from them;

  • Don’t lean over people

  • Respect distance

  • Don’t buy too much

  • Avoid vulnerable and key worker slots

  • Shop safely – on your own

  • Only handle things you want to buy

  • Respect workers

Support Bubbles – sorry for the confusion, we should have had the guidance ready 

We did get it rushed not right 

Guidance on bubbles has now been published

If you can’t get on a website – call the community support link – 686262 

This is about people who NEED support, we are trusting you, a small minority might abuse it – we’ll take action 

We don’t want people chopping and changing bubbles 

If you need to bubble do it until the 6th April 

Bubbles outside the home – You can extend it outdoors and car share. Will come into effect from Wednesday. 

Every time one household mixes with another it increases the risk 

Anyone you have contact with might be positive 

If we can do more, we will 

Vaccinations – 30,000 will have had at least one dose today/tomorrow

But the vaccine doesn’t make us immortal 

We need to keep going with the basics 


Simon: GSY moving out of lockdowns are 21 days without community transmission. Do these rules still apply? We haven’t reached day one of no community transmission…

HQ: 6th April is a loosening of requirements, not a full exit. Unexplained cases are critical to the data. Staying at home as much as possible will help us get to the dates. We can do this together and get out of this. 

Simon: Looking at the current cluster. One case has led to over a thousand. Our position seems more aligned with that of the UK. Overriding the primary objective of protecting the vulnerable will have been achieved by April? Would it not be sensible to unlock in line with the UK

HQ: What you’ve said is an option. We feel that people under 50 need protection too.

DA: Nothing is set in stone. If things move more quickly we can reassess our exit plan. Data-driven. Hospital admissions in the UK are not all ‘vulnerable’. We need to protect the NHS. Not as simple as that. 

Tablets of stone, tablets of stone, tablets of stone 

Sam: Two high profile government businesses have had outbreaks – Bus Vannin and Steam Packet. Does the Government need to follow its own rules?

HQ: Disappointing. It’s not our fault, it’s the people using the bus for joyrides. 

Sam: But what are the management doing? Unite say nothing?

HQ: I’ll take it offline with the DOI minister. I think they’ve had PPE. If that’s not the case, I’ll be having words

Sam: Can we have deckchairing for Easter?

HQ: I’d like to see it personally. But in the hands of the public. There won’t be a sudden opening up on the 12th. In the hands of the people of the island. 

Paul: FYI – 22nd march – it’s throwback to lockdown day….

Paul: We interviewed a restaurant owner. He has been offered £250 payment when he lost £6,000. No salary support. Is there hope for him?

Alf: Additional £7.3 million being put into the businesses you are talking about. Businesses are feeling compounded – circuit break followed by lockdown. Salary support open for Feb. Applications based on a 25% downturn based on previous year. 

Paul: Will you bring in more measures? Or are we gonna live with it?

HQ: Data. If we get it down to 0 unexplained to come out of it. It’s the fault of the people formerly known as the ‘GMP’ fault. We’ll have to see what happens. Want to get shut of unexplained cases. 

DA: I know people are fatigued. Frustrating but we need to follow rules to get out of it 

Paul: If we’re in the same position next week? What will you do?

HQ: We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it 

Paul H: What are you saying about the Speaker posting figures on his own FaceBook?

HQ: Wasn’t aware, will look into it. Not everyone listens to the briefings. If members are sharing with constituents that can only be good.

Paul H: He also revealed that a Covid patient is receiving treatment in the UK?

HQ: Oh right, I’ll look into it, I didn’t know…

Paul H: Are there long term plans for top-up jabs?

Henny: Dunno. No one does. Don’t know how long immunity lasts 

Leanne: Estimate of how long the waiting list is for elective surgery?

David: Depends on the speciality. They are going to vary. Looking to partner with the UK to get lists down. Some people have had ops prevented multiple times. 

Leanne: Tax return deadlines. Can people claim expenses for electricity and heating for Working from Home?

Alf: Case by case basis. They should get in touch with Income Tax, or write to me directly 

Tim: Don’t you need to be firmer. People will bend the rules to suit them. It’s a bit wishy-washy and you are blaming the public. How are the bubbles going to be policed?

HQ: We’re not blaming people. But they are going into work ill. 

DA: Bubbles – There needs to be an element of trust. There are people living alone who are suffering from Mental Health issues. Important that they have support. 

HQ: Social isolation isn’t nice. People were distressed.

Tim: How are you going to police it?

HQ: Can’t go round everyone’s house counting. If you have a party the police will know you are breaking the rules. You can’t police it properly. If it’s abused, we’ll crackdown 

Tim: Results awaiting notification, positive result rate has gone up?

DA: Awaiting results figure huge drop as the swabbing squad update the system ASAP? Previous figures included those that were due to be swabbed….this is now more live data. 

Tim: The positive result rate has gone up?

DA: Due to the fact that previous awaiting results included swab appointments not attended / swabs get to be taken 

Tim: Shouldn’t you have explained that?

DA: Yeah 


We’ll be back on Thursday after COMEN have made decisions 

Stay at home as much as you can 

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