Curraghs Wildlife Park is mourning the loss of their ‘old lady’, Frisco the red panda.


Frisco was sadly put to sleep today. At over 17 years and 8 months old, the park said she was ‘exceptionally old for a Red Panda’. The average age red pandas live to is 14 with very few making it past their 16th birthday.

A statement said: ‘Keepers had noticed in the last couple of days she was struggling a bit and today it was obvious her end was near so we knew putting her to sleep was the kindest thing we could do.

‘She was born at Thrigby wildlife Park, spent a short while at Paradise Widlife Park then came here in 2008. She never had cubs with her previous partner Zaluka who passed aged 16yrs a few years back. By the time she was introduced to Kush she was already 14yrs so she didn’t have much interest in him!

‘We still have three Pandas in the enclosure – Kush, Sara and daughter Aria who  probably won’t miss her as they’re not very social animals. However we will miss her munching soft fruits and sitting in her favourite tree – on the corner opposite the fishing cats. At least we know she had a good long life.’

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