Polling by a Guernsey based research group shows 70% of Manx respondents still see the threat from Covid as high or very high risk.

This is in stark contrast to Guernsey and Jersey where only 26% of respondents still perceive it as high risk. It also puts the island above the most recent polling in the UK (58%). These figures represent the first time more Manx respondents have perceived Covid as a high or very high threat than our Channel Island counterparts.

The research was done to mark one year since the first cases in the Crown Dependencies and saw 412 Manx respondents, as well as 461 in Guernsey and 391 in Jersey.

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Island Global Research’s report says: ‘Around three quarters of respondents in Guernsey, half in the Isle of Man and just over a third in Jersey think life has been much better than in the UK over the past year. The threat is perceived to have dropped substantially in Guernsey and Jersey compared to 12 months ago, while the higher response in the Isle of Man reflects the current number of cases there. In all three islands, less than one in five believe Covid will pose a high threat to their island in 12 months.’

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Come Together

While those figures don’t shed an overly positive light on our island, 63% of Manx respondents said they agree with the steps taken by the gov throughout the pandemic, which is ahead of just 47% in Jersey, but well down on Guernsey’s 90%. Manx residents were the most negative about the impact of restrictions on their lives, but this could reflect our current conditions more so than the long term impact.

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However, 62% of Manx respondents did say they believe the island’s community has come together because of the pandemic, compared to 73% in Guernsey and 45% in Jersey.

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The Future

Respondents from all three Crown Dependencies had similar plans for the next 12 months, with the most looked forward to plans including travelling to see friends and families, hugging people, socialising with friends, enjoying live music, eating out, planning ahead with restrictions, enjoying retirement or celebrations such as weddings and christenings and finding a job.

You can read the full results by clicking the link below.

Impact of Covid One Year On

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