Howard, David, Dr Henny 

Well good afternoon everyone 

Hope people have watched the emotional well-being session – highly recommend it 

Thanks to all involved 


  • 15 new cases
  • 646 active cases
  • 16 in hospital 
  • 3 in ICU


Few other bits while I’m here;

  • Patients must wear a fluid-resistant IIR standard mask when attending appointments. Scarves not allowed
  • Exemption for those unable to tolerate a mask 
  • If you’re not wearing the right mask, you’re not coming in 

GP surgeries are being bombarded with vaccination questions including some upsetting calls. Our GP’s don’t know everything about vaccines. Not fair or reasonable to expect your doctor to know every scientific fact. Check the gov website FAQ section instead –     

GP’s working flat out. They also have staff shielding. 

Some points on hubs;

  • Complete consent form 
  • Clocks are changing – make sure you go at the right time


Good idea to talk about the clocks changing 

A single unexplained case. We have reason to suspect that this transmission originated off-Island. 

Some way to go before we can make changes to measures

We know how quickly a case can spread through our community. We all want this lockdown to be the last one. 

Dr Henny 

Curves coming down, but slowly 

Large amount of household transmission, that part should come down over the next few days 

We may have had a cross border case which we need to look more into. We’re only as safe as the last person across the border


There is still covid spreading. There are people unwell and suffering, we must not forget this. 

Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Keep vigilant so we can move to better times 

I know self-isolation isn’t easy – you’re doing the right thing and making a difference

Over 300 have now left self-isolation – great for their well being 

Staffing pressures at the hospital are stable 

Thanks to everyone who have called 111 with symptoms – nice one, the right thing to do 

When will the lockdown end?

Too early. We might be able to make some modest changes around 6th April if we don’t get more community spread. 

Sorry, just being honest. Don’t wanna make promises I can’t keep. 


Letters to 55-59 age groups going out this week and 50-54 going out in batches

On track to have first jabs done for everyone in Phase 1 (over 50s, adults with underlying health conditions and health and care staff) – 3rd week of April 

Phase 2 plans in place, we’ll be sharing plans soon 


Tim: Language being used is ‘strongly recommended’ do you accept that this is leading people to put their own spin on things?

HQ: We clearly can’t force people to wear masks, Tim. 

Dr H: The main issue is whether something is enforceable, we want people to make decisions for the best of their health 

DA: You can’t cover every single scenario in legislation. This is why we use guidance. Thou shalt – is the main legislation. 

Tim: Vaccines – great numbers last week. This week there are discrepancies in the data. Why? 

DA: Snapshot point. Depends on when peoples vaccination goes into the system 

Tim: Confusing tho innit?

DA: I’ll have a word with comms. They should be trying to line it up. Still seeing some phenomenal figures. 

Simon: Can we see data on positive day 1, 7 and 13 tests? As the UK rate is dropping it’ll be interesting to see the change?

HQ: Data is important. Need to know if people have come from Europe. I’m worried about France and variants now. 

DA: Not sure how easy it is to split it, manual process. If it’s automated we can look at it. 

Dr H: Would need to be manual. The issue of data and where we stop is important. We have a small analyst team and their time should be prioritised in line with the police. They’re not here to deliver ‘Infotainment’

Simon: Reader got a bus and the driver asked him if his journey was essential. The driver said that buses would only be taking key workers from Thursday. No mention on the website. Why are bus drivers being told to enforce this? And why are coffee shops open – essential? What about people who need to see their support bubble?

Howard: It’s good that drivers are asking if the passengers’ journey is essential. I think they’re just hammering home the message. Haven’t heard about only key workers, news to me. I’ll have it doubled checked. Going to support someone can be described as essential. 

Sam: Unexplained case – is it Steam Packet?

HQ: Only one person so can’t discuss it. Hands are tied. 

Sam: Superintendent Steve Maddocks said the police have received 16 calls related to mental health issues including 1 person who attempted suicide and 11 threatening to harm themselves. What will the level of support from the health service be after we come out of the lockdown?

DA: We’re geared up for general mental health – we’ve brought in the bubbles. 

Sam: What does gear up mean? More budget, more people? What is going to be done?

DA: More has gone into mental health, we do hold reserves. We can give more budget and make more bids to the Treasury. Still dealing with the people. It’s about what the individual can do for themselves too. Speaking to people helps. Not all about what the department is doing, wider issue.

Sam: Boris is talking about introducing vaccine checks for pub entry, are you thinking the same?

HQ: Saw that headline in The Times Sam – pub and restaurants may be a step too far. Although it’s looking likely that there will be a vaccine passport. 

Paul: You’ve ordered emergency nurses from the North West? CONFIRM OR DENY

DA: The whole point of us being part of the North West network. We haven’t physically called on it. 

Paul: Somethings going on? Why do you need extra back up?

DA: Request made a week ago. 

Paul: Hearing that different treatment is needed? Confirm?

DA: No, if someone is ventilated they are permanently ventilated. 

Helen: What’s the craic with gatherings after the Laxey sea swim?

HQ: No organised gatherings allowed. When we get to 0 unexplained cases we might have organised gatherings outside. The police have explained the situation to the group in question. Court matter. Gatherings not allowed. 

Helen: Spoke to the Police. If you pass someone in the street and chat to them? Is it a gathering?

HQ: We can’t legislate for everything. Saying Hiya – is human nature. You’re not gonna end up in prison. People are following the rules, cases are coming down. 

Police have E’s – Engage, Explain. Enforce 

Helen: Businesses who are missing out on further trade. Is there going to be additional support?

HQ: Alf announced support extension and the rate grant. Giving the best support we can. If you have concerns, get in touch with DFE. 

Leanne: Vaccines – rough idea of how two next priority groups will be coming up?

DA: Mid April

Josh: You said the plan is to aim for the 6th. We’ve heard two clear weeks is needed. If we are sticking to the same timeline, what sort of changes will be made?

HQ: Construction. Garden centres. Too early for an exact detailed list. More outside activities. Hoping for young people to start going back on the 12th, I think we’re still on track for that. 



Staying at home is making a difference. 

Exercise locally and safely. 

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