Sea Swimmer Arrested

A man has this morning been arrested in Laxey after police were called to the village’s beach for the second time in two days.

At around 6am today this morning, officers attended the beach after a social media post that had been made from a person allegedly organising a swim on the beach. The Police had attended the day before to a similar report and dealt with the matter without incident.

When the officers arrived they saw a group of around 15 to 20 people, some of which had been in the sea swimming and some who were preparing to swim.  As a result, a man has been arrested and is currently at Police Headquarters.

Superintendent Stephen Maddocks said: ‘It is very early to make any specific comment about the arrest as this matter is currently under investigation. A group of people were spoken to yesterday at laxey beach, some of which were given covid 19 warnings about gathering together.  

‘As a result of what occurred this morning, a man has been arrested on suspicion  of breaching the covid gathering regulations and is currently being dealt with by officers at police headquarters. As I said earlier this week, policing these regulations is tricky and whilst I understand people’s frustrations, these regulations have been brought in as a result of a worldwide pandemic and we will continue to police them.  I would encourage everyone to adhere to the regulations and advice to try and combat the spread of this virus.’

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