Manx Care is Ready to Launch, But What is it?

Final preparations are underway for the launch of Manx Care, the organisation tasked with delivering future health and care services to the island’s population.

April Fool’s Day will mark the start of this new venture which involves the restructuring of the largest department in gov, the separation of DHSC functions and the creation of a separate operational body.

What is it?

Manx Care is designed to operate at arms’ length from the DHSC and focus on the delivery of services to the public. Those services and the funding for them are defined in a formal agreement with DHSC giving Manx Care scope to provide services either directly or by commissioning them from others. The organisation will be led by a newly-appointed executive leadership team and becomes the employer of around 2,500 health and care staff. 

Manx Care has been running in shadow form alongside DHSC since the start of the year, in preparation for taking over the reins. For patients, service users and the public, services will continue to be provided as before at health and care settings across the island. Longer-term work to design a range of integrated local services which meet an individual’s needs close to home, is being developed by the Health and Care Transformation Programme, Manx Care, DHSC and other parties.

How Much Will it Cost?

Back in December’s Tynwald it was revealed that the management of Manx Care would cost an estimated £3.5m per year.

At the time Health Minister David Ashford said: ‘Costs for these new management structures are estimated at total annual cost for the DHSC and Manx Care additional staff including the limited term pool of additional resource is estimated £3,536,123.

‘This estimate is under ongoing refinement and review by the department and Manx Care as each move towards and then into fulfilling their new functions in order to suitably shape the future structure of the organisation.’

Sir Jonathan Michael

Manx Care’s origins lie in the Sir Jonathan Michael review of health and care services on the island. The recommendations were unanimously approved by Tynwald, and proved the starting point for a fundamental re-think of the existing system. 

His report found that previous reviews had identified ’deep-seated problems’ but recommendations were not fully implemented. Sir Jonathan also criticised a ’dearth of accessible, meaningful and published data on quality and performance’, as well as a lack of data and transparency.

Meet The New Boss

Manx Care’s first CEO Teresa Cope said: ‘It is very exciting and a privilege to lead our new organisation, whose success matters to everyone in the island. The establishment of Manx Care is a milestone on a longer journey to transform health and care services, and while change won’t happen overnight, it will come in time and we are committed to making tangible improvements in year one. From the start our new structure will give a prominent role to patients and service users, with colleague engagement and fostering a positive culture a priority for us.  

‘We are starting with a fresh, outward looking approach which aims to be both dynamic and responsive, as we focus on delivering integrated high quality care in the right place at the right time. Input from those who provide our services and those who use them is paramount if this is to be achieved.’

One thought on “Manx Care is Ready to Launch, But What is it?”

  1. Reading about Manx Care leaves the impression that it is going to be run on Tick-The- Box lines. Which, like other departments, will no doubt be top heavy with management, runaway budgets and newly qualified practitioners whilst those with the most experience leave or get replaced.
    As accountability cannot be achieved without some form of deterrent of which there seems little, it is hoped that this doesn’t get out if hand like other protects

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