Response to Thefts Show at Our Best

Two thefts from honesty boxes this week have presented a surprising opportunity to show our island at its best.

The two thefts, one from St Johns and the other from St Marks are under investigation by the police, so we can’t say much about them other than what the Constabulary has already said. 

At Ballig Farm, St Johns, someone broke into the box and stole around £30. The second was a box Main Road in St Mark’s. The police said this is ‘particularly upsetting because the suspect has taken the time to actually use bolt cutters in order to remove the box from within the chains used to keep it sealed’.

In a rural community such as ours respect for those who grow our food, farm the lands and grow flowers is like an unspoken rule, these thefts don’t only take away from those farmers but they chip away at what makes Manx life so special. 

Why these honest boxes were raided is a matter for the people responsible, but the response from our island community has shown us at our best. Some have innvestiably called for harsh punishments, but others have offered to make up the lost money and some have even asked those responsible to contact them if they need help.

Even better, the woman who owns the box at St Mark’s posted this underneath the police’s appeal for information: ‘This is my honesty box in St Marks. I sell daffodils that I grow, pick and bunch every year because people love them and ask me to carry on. A lovely lady contacted the police today asking to donate money. I called her and we had a lovely chat. I obviously would not accept her kind offer but she arrived tonight with Easter eggs for the children and a card and really lovely words. Despite the upset of the awful individuals. This is why I do it. Manx people are amazing and I’m very proud and extremely thankful 🇮🇲.’

Anyone with any information regarding these matters are asked to call the police on 631212 and quote reference 97/12133/21 for PC 142 Doleman.

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