Gef’s Daily Roundup

Hare Protection

A petition has been created calling on further protections for the mountain hare. As we reported over the weekend former Tynwald member David Cretney has joined Manx Wildlife Trust in seeking to protect the animals which will be designated as game under the proposed Animal Welfare Bill.

Under the proposed Bill, mountain hares would be designated as game animals, meaning people would need a licence to shoot them and closed seasons could also be created to limit hunting. But some people have called for greater protections.

Mandie Reynolds, who has created the petition, has echoed the words of MWL and Mr Cretney in calling for great protection. She said: ‘Please sign this petition to reclassify the Isle of Man mountain hare as a protected species. They are in decline across the British Isles. Let’s make this one more excuse for people to visit our beautiful biosphere. Sign the petition, save our mountain hare from blood sports.’

You can find the petition here.

Heritage Trail Sculptures

The Isle of Man Arts Council and the DoI are inviting the public to submit suggestions for the design theme of five new sculptures to feature on the St. Johns to Kirk Michael Heritage Trail.

The project intends to place five sculptures along the length of the trail between St. John’s and Kirk Michael. Entrants will need to provide an overall theme and then five individual sculpture suggestions accompanied with an explanation behind their chosen theme. The winning theme will receive £100 prize money from the DoI. The winning designs will be sculpted by Tony Elder of Manx Chainsaw Carvings.

Chair of the Isle of Man Arts Council, Marlene Maska MLC said: ‘Public art, and sculpture art in particular, has been proven to immortalise a strong sense of identity of an area, enhancing uniqueness and character and encourages people to view land and community in new ways. We are really excited to see what themes the public come up with for this new project.’

The Arts Team encourage people of all ages and abilities to submit a design via an online

portal on

Pension Collections

In light of the ongoing threat posed by COVID-19 and the associated limitations on movement, the Treasury is reminding people who receive their state pensions or benefits at a post office using their MiCard that they can be paid directly into their bank account instead. This facility is available for all benefit types. 

Anyone who is currently getting their benefits or pensions by MiCard who would like to transfer to having direct payments to their bank account should telephone 685131, 685098 or 685092. Residents who don’t have a bank account can continue to collect their pensions or benefits by MiCard. There is also the option to nominate another person to collect pensions and benefits at a post office on your behalf.


Ships are once again sailing on the Suez Canal after the Ever Given, which has blocked it for over a week, was dislodged by salvage crews. Suez is one of the world’s busiest trade routes, and companies were forced to reroute ships, causing long tailbacks of hundreds of vessels.

Ken’s Had Covid

Coronation Street’s William Roache has ‘recovered well’ after testing positive for coronavirus, ITV has revealed. It said the 88-year-old, who plays Ken Barlow on the show, had taken time off and was ‘looking forward to returning to the cobbles as soon as possible’.

Biden vs Boris?

The US has warned it could put tariffs of up to 25% on a host of UK exports in retaliation for a UK tax on tech firms. Ceramics, make-up, overcoats, games consoles and furniture could all be hit, according to a list published by the Biden administration. The duties are designed to raise $325m, the amount the US believes the UK tax will raise from US tech companies. A UK government spokesperson said it wanted to ‘make sure tech firms pay their fair share of tax’. They added: ‘Should the US proceed to implement these measures, we would consider all options to defend UK interests and industry.’

There She Blows

Record-breaking numbers of visitors have travelled to see a spectacular volcano eruption in Iceland – which has been captured on camera. Thousands of people headed to the Reykjanes Peninsula near the town of Grindavik, around 19 miles (30km) southwest of the capital Reykjavík, to catch a glimpse of the orange-hued display.

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