Howard, David, Dr Henny 

Well good afternoon everyone 

Sad news at the weekend. Two more members of our community died. 

Tragedy for the Island, thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones 

NUMBERS *snapshot*

  • 8 new cases
  • 469 active cases (DA corrects the number later in the qns to 391)
  • 10 in hospital / 1 ICU


For 4 days, no unexplained – good news

We might be starting to seeing the end of the lockdown in horizon 

We don’t want another lockdown 

We mustn’t fall at the final hurdle

We can’t yet be sure Covid isn’t circulating in the community 


Curves coming down nicely 

4 days of no unexplained cases is good news but we need to get through the incubation period 

Gold standard for declaring local elimination is 28 days 

Mid point is 21 days 

The positivity rate is a good KPI to watch 

14% at the height over the weekend it got down to 1%, gone up a bit today to 3%

WHO recommends that 5% or lower =  restriction relaxation 

Everything going in the right direction 


COMEN met this morning 

We are still on track to make changes around the 6th April. I’ll update you on Thursday 

We must get it right 

We need to be ready for gradual easing – keeping it as safe as poss 

We know how tough lockdowns are on society, mental health, businesses 

If we keep up high levels of vigilance we can move toward better times 

Critical that the return to school is carefully considered, pre school too 

Dr Al talked to COMEN about it this morning 

He is finalising a plan for a safe return 

He’ll join us on Thursday for an update 

Nice one to the Vax team – all nursing residents have had one dose 

55 – 59 year olds should have received their letter 

When you get your letter use the vax form or call 111 to book an appointment


Rob: Current number of active cases?

DA: I thought is was 469 but it’s actually 391

Rob: When will we get the moderna?

DA: Expecting shipment mid April. Don’t know exact numbers yet tho. 

Rob: When are you gonna open the tip?

HQ: Good point. Amenity sites are under the control of local authorities. They are concerned about staff safety. Fly tippers, hang your heads in shame.

Opening tips is outside of my control. But we’ll work with them to encourage them to open. 

John Moss: On the Moaning Line, we heard about some distressing vaccine side effects? Do we know why some get it worse than others?

DA: We’re all different John. There are side effects, they will pass. Getting Covid is worse than the side effects.

Dr Henny: Seems to be an individual thing. 

John Moss: Should you take paracetamol before and after?

Dr Henny: Some say yes, some don’t. Jury out, no trial data.

John Moss: Rule change in England. Do COMEN look at what is happening in the UK?

HQ: We’ll be watching their infection rates. We take a big note, we wish them well. They are warning about a third wave. 

No matter how much you hear about vaccine experience. It’s only a few days of feeling miserable vs getting full blown effects of Covid. 

Simon: Good news on the figures. Are we considering an eradication strategy or are we gonna learn to live with it?

Dr Henny: Policy decisions sit with the COMEN lads. They consider health but also the economy. 

The fact we’re at the point of learning to live with the virus is extraordinary. 

Roll out of the vax programme is the most important piece of information when it comes to considering a mitigation strategy. 

Need to keep an eye on variants and understand what a vaccine booster programme will look like. 

Simon: Has there been an increase in petty crime?

HQ: No feedback from Cregreen on an increase. Fly tipping is v disappointing. Hope the police catch them and make an example of them. Think of the wildlife. 

Sam: 50+ for vaccination. What comes next? Will you prioritise Police and Teachers? 

DA: Still on target to hit May. Next will be age groups, we move quite fast now. Trying to split people into key worker groups could complicate it and drag it out. Simplest way JCVI  – Over 45 letters later this week. 

Sam: Expression of interest for a booking system. When is it coming online?

DA: No time limits on it. It’s an expression of interest not a tender. 

Sam: It mentioned a Covid Passport?

DA: Don’t read into it. It’s a contingency in case countries go down that route. 

Paul: Had my vaccination. I was told about the side effects clearly. Good feedback from me. 

HQ: Felt a bit miserable at the weekend myself. But 

Paul: Moderna. Are you getting sign off or will there be paperwork?

DA: Moderna will come online mid April. We still need an indemnity but it will be quicker this time. And we need clinical sign up. Moving quickly with the vaccination programme now. 

With or without moderna it will be mid May. 

HQ: We can’t mix and match, you need the same brand for both doses.

Paul: Ancillary worker on the boat hasn’t had vaccination. Thinks it could be a problem?

Dr H: News to me. Not aware of a group called ancillary workers who are excluded from the vaccination programme

HQ: Pass the details on Paul, we’ll look into it 

Paul H: Has the age demographic of the active cases changed as more people get vaccinated? Age range of hospital admissions?

DA: Hospital generally older age range. Early days to see if vaccination is having an impact 

Dr H: All the stats are on the website. Still younger age groups. Rates in adults are lower but we can’t assume it’s because of vaccinations. 

Paul H: How many key workers couldn’t get to work because there wasn’t a hub school?

DA: Impossible figure to calculate as a private and public sector issue. In DHSC – Roughly 50 – 60 staff. People isolating was a bigger issue. Same for businesses too. 


Cases are coming down. 

Thanks for staying at home.

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