Gef’s Daily Roundup

Conister Bank save a phone box

Back in 2014, Manx Telecom announced plans to decommission certain phone boxes, including one at Cregneash, because they were said to be unprofitable (who’d have thought?). Conister Bank stepped in to save the most modern piece of tech in Cregneash, agreeing to provide sponsorship to keep the iconic and operational phone box in place for ten more years, until 2024.

Members of the public were, of course, concerned when they saw a public notice on the box informing residents that the public telephone kiosk would be removed. Manx Telecom later announced that they won’t be removing the phone box. A win for anyone who can’t get signal down Cregnesh, I’d say.

International Transgender Day of Visibility

Today is the International Transgender Day of Visibility. Founded in 2009, the day aims to celebrate and empower transgender and gender-nonconforming people. 

Pfizer announces that Covid-19 vaccine show 100% efficacy in children aged 12-15

Great news from drug company Pfizer! Initial results from trials in children aged 12-15 have suggested that the vaccine is safe and effective in children. With schools being hotspots for virus transmission, this could be a really positive step as we attempt to return to normality.

Councils in England and Wales are filling a pothole every 19 seconds

A survey by the Asphalt Industry Alliance has shown that there have been almost 1.7 million potholes filled in the last year- equating to one fixed every 19 seconds. What do you reckon the rate is in the Isle of Man? One every 19 years?

Referrals to the Mental Health Crisis team increases by 50%

It has been announced that referrals to the island’s mental health crisis team increased from 1144 people to 1721. A quarter of cases remained open for over two days, while 78 people were referred to the psychiatric impatient service from the crisis team. 

Louvre has made their entire collection available to view online for free

Fab news for art fans: the Louvre are making their whole collection, including pieces in storage and that are on loan, available to view online, free of charge. It’s not quite the same as visiting in person (only getting a glimpse of the Mona Lisa, as hundred of sweaty tourists stand in front of you, taking selfies with the painting that lies beneath bulletproof glass), but it’ll do for now. 

Great news for motorbike enthusiasts

We were obviously all gutted about the Southern 100 being cancelled- but there is fab news. The organisers have announced that they’re hosting a Motorcycle show on the 10th July, which will include friendly races and a visit from the Purple Helmets. 

Archbishop of Canterbury says Harry and Meghan were married at Windsor Castle

Remember when Meg had a chat with Oprah, and told her that she married Hazza before the big, televised wedding, and then everyone said she was chatting sh*t? The Archbishop of Canterbury, who Megan claimed had married her and Harry in her back garden, has weighed in, saying that “If I had signed the certificate on a different day, I would have been committing a serious crime. The marriage was celebrated on 19th May.”  Who are we to argue with a man of God?

Race report released in the UK

A review into racism in the UK, commissioned by No 10, has concluded that Britain “should be regarded as a model for other white-majority countries” as there is “no longer a deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities”. The conclusions of this report have been widely criticised, including by the Labour leader Kier Starmer, with many individuals and organisations stating that this does not reflect the lived experience of many BAME individuals. Speaking to the BBC, Professor Kehinde Andrews said “It goes in the face of all the actual existing evidence. This is not a genuine effort to understand racism in Britain. This is a PR move to pretend the problem doesn’t exist”.

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