Jason Moorhouse quizzes DfE on the Domestic Events Fund and Senior Race Bank Holiday.

Jason Moorhouse to ask the Minister for Enterprise – Whether the Domestic Events Fund will be extended and adapted to compensate for the loss of the Easter Bank Holiday celebrations?

Laurence Skelly – Extension up the end of September. Has already been announced to support local events and businesses. Events that are rescheduled will be able to receive support and we may consider further amendments. An announcement on this will be made shortly. Increased marketing is being considered for event organisers and we’ll unveil that soon too.

Jason Moorhouse – Can I ask for more please? End of September rules out Hop Tu Naa etc could it be extended to cover that?

Juan Watterson – Out of order, do you have any other questions?

Jason Moorhouse – Could the fund be adapted to cover other such community events?

Juan Watterson – Also out of order, moving on.

Jason Moorhouse – I’m asking how the fund will be adapted, they are not out of order.


Laurence Skelly – We encourage everyone to make applications for the fund to support the economy. 

Jason Moorhouse – Could you extend it to Manx National Heritage?

Laurence Skelly – That’s a matter for MNH but I would encourage MNH to open up their facilities for events.

Jason Moorhouse to ask the Minister for Enterprise – Whether the Senior Race Bank Holiday will remain in the current year; and what is being planned to ensure the loss of the TT this year can be minimised and the local entertainment boosted?

Laurence Skelly – No we’ve moved it to the end of August, going to be SuperManx Bank Holiday 2.0. Loss of TT is a big issue but the Economy Recovery Group will work to help with events throughout the year to mitigate this as much as possible. There have been a large number of organisers seeking to provide events and we hope to be able to reduce the risk to them through the event fund. We want to encourage domestic spending as much as possible this year and are in talks to achieve this.

Jason Moorhouse – Would you look at moving the Senior Race Day holiday back to help celebrate island life in June?

Laurence Skelly – There are no plans to revert back to June. We may have tourists here in August so it would be of extra benefit then.

Clare Barber – What consideration has been taken in order to reduce pressure on front line services, last year’s August bank holiday was hard for police and A&E.

Laurence Skelly – No consideration given to that.

Claire Christian – Have you considered the benefit of two three days weekends instead of one four day weekend? Some hospitality businesses say this would be of greater benefit.

Laurence Skelly – The feeling was that last year it worked but I know this is a different circumstance to last year. Some local authorities are still planning to run TT timed events and they’ll support the local economy.

One thought on “Moorhouse Gonna Fight For Your Right To Party (After Lockdown)”

  1. That was only the warm up! I have a Motion down for April Tynwald:

    Senior Race Day
    The Hon Member for Arbory, Castletown and Malew (Mr Moorhouse) to move –
    That Tynwald is of the opinion that Senior Race Day 2021 should return to its original calendar date to encourage the creation of a two week celebration of Island Life.

    I really do hope that other Members of Tynwald recognise the massive potential and the NEED to do this!

    It would be great if there were lots of small local events, retailer led initiatives and the doors of MNH ‘flung open’ so that EVERYBODY CAN HAVE A REALLY GREAT TIME!

    We have ALL lost out massively with the loss of the long Easter weekend and we need something to look forward to in the relatively near future.

    A lot of people have been under a tremendous stress and really do need more than ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ – They need to get out there and celebrate Island life!


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