Lockdown Easter With The Kids

So how do I make it Easter exactly?

Erm..so it’s Easter in lockdown, again? Just thankful that I stocked up on mini eggs to be honest…Let me get this straight, we are in no way a religious family. We just like a good excuse for a party. Spring is pretty exciting, and for me that’s as good a reason as any to celebrate, right?

I scrolled and be-Googled it the other day to try and find some fun stuff for the kids (I ate most of the mini eggs whilst I was doing it mind) I also pinched some ideas from my good friend Jen who hosts a fabulous Easter Egg hunt every year in her garden. Both me and the kids are sad it won’t happen for a second year in a row, the kids are sad but I can at least steal her ideas and take all the credit. So, I thought I’d share to save you the time and the calories.

Make Egg Bombs

When you are using eggs in the run up to Easter, just gently open them by making a small hole in the top. Rinse the shells out carefully as you go along and store them in an old egg box. Rip up lots of coloured tissue paper, rice, flowers petals, little choccies. Flower seeds are fantastic if you have a garden! Half fill up the shells, or even better get the kids to do it. Seal them up with some, masking tape or moistened tissue paper and leave to dry. Now decorate the outside with more tissue paper or paints.

Children can enjoy throwing them outside onto the concrete. 

Mr Easter Bunny says “Please make sure everything is biodegradable or edible”

Easter egg bombs

Make Chocolate Easter Nests

See my video on Cook with G on how to do it.

200g Plain chocolate (Smashed up by the kids)

2 tbsp Golden syrup

50g Manx salted butter

½ tsp Vanilla 

75g Rice Krispies 

Mahoosive bag of mini eggs

  • Melt the smashed up chocolate in a heat-proof bowl set over a saucepan of gently simmering water (do not let the base of the bowl touch the water). Stir the mixture until smooth, whilst you have a cuppa and the kids squabble, so joyous.
  • Remove the bowl from the heat, stir in the butter, syrup and vanilla until all of the cereal is coated in chocolatey goodness.
  • Add the cereal and mix until combined… If there’s any left and the kids haven’t eaten it all. 
  • Divide the mixture between the cases (I use silicone but paper is fine) and press the chocolate eggs into the centre of each nest. 
  • Chill in the fridge for an hour, or until completely set and enjoy listening to the kids whinge because they want one right NOW!
  • My advice would be, eat them when the kids are in bed, then you can have more than one 😉

Face Painting

Dig out the old Snazaroos and let them get creative!

Egg Hunt/Treasure Hunt

Hide loads of mini eggs around the house and garden and take cover. Or plant clues for them to follow.

Egg and Spoon Race

If you have the space!

Read Easter and Spring Children’s Books

While Mummy enjoys a glass of wine

Plant Flowers

I’m sure you’ve got some packs of seeds out the back somewhere?

Decorate an Easter Egg Tree

Why not? Jazz up some twigs… Hell! Get the Xmas tree down if you’re really feeling it.

Make Hot Cross Buns

Paul Hollywood is your friend

Plan a Dinner Party and everyone gets dressed up

LOVE THIS! Serve the kids soft drinks in wine glasses too, they love it!

Make a chocolate fondue

… but maybe put the kids to bed first.

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