We Need Something to Look Forward to

A fortnight celebrating Island Life could replace the traditional TT festival this year if Jason Moorhouse MHK gets his way.

Mr Moorhouse will use the April Tynwald sitting to seek support to move the Senior Race Day bank holiday back to its original June 11 slot. The gov has announced it has been moved to August in order to create Super Manx Bank Holiday 2.0. 

The Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK will seek support for his motion that ‘Tynwald is of the opinion that Senior Race Day 2021 should return to its original calendar date to encourage the creation of a two week celebration of Island Life’.

Mr Moorhouse said: ‘In a normal year the school holidays would ‘really have begun’ and most of us would be counting down the hours to the four day Easter weekend!

‘This year we are in the midst of the third Lockdown and things have to be different. Many of us are now really longing to get out there, to grasp normality and simply to do something less pressured and more enjoyable!’

He added: ‘There are three reasons for this: The period between Saturday 29th May and Sunday 14th June would be an ideal time to encourage the creation of a two week celebration of Island Life. With it being the second year without a TT something memorable must happen during TT week this year to retain the enthusiasm and momentum, so that TT 2022 has the potential to be the celebration it really should be. And with off island travel options not being a realistic option for most of us. The loss of the long Easter weekend and the Easter holiday due to Lockdown Restrictions really does mean that many Island residents really need something to look forward to.

‘During the period between Saturday May 29 and Sunday June 14 the island’s schools will only be open for three days. Having a Bank Holiday weekend at the start of the period and at the end really could create the opportunity for something special even if time is short!’

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