After the rather drab England games over the past fortnight, the Premier League is back this weekend providing us footy fans with more joy and heartache.

Coincidentally having ready through the Times app this morning, I see the island is 10th in the world for vaccine rollout, thinking as sports fans do I was seeking a comparison and I looked to the Premier League table where Birmingham’s own Aston Villa are in 10th.

Top of the tree for rollouts, fulfilling the Manchester City role in running away with the title is Gibraltar with the Seychelles, Israel and Falkland Islands make up the rest of the top four.

I may be stretching this too far by now but it is interesting to see that much like the Premier League, the top of the list is made up of some rich countries and those with big backers, but then, like my beloved Liverpool some big names are much further down the league than their residents (supporters) think they should be.

The Times league also gives us a chance to see how our rivals are doing and we find ourselves right smack in the middle of them with Jersey in 9th and Guernsey in 11th.

Health Minister David Ashford says we can push on further and will get ahead of some of the countries ahead of us as our rollout continues at speed and while I think the Champions League will be beyond us, who knows we might still poach a Europa League spot come the end of the season.

As for Aston Villa, they play Fulham tomorrow as the Cottagers continue with their bid to escape relegation.

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