Taking Responsibility for Their own Mess

We’ve seen it all before, kids and teenagers hanging out in an area, they make a mess, leave bottles etc and scarper leaving someone else to clean it up.

Well for once a group of youngsters have taken responsibility for their actions and returned to clean up their mess.

Onchan’s Centenary Park was left in a terrible state on Sunday, with one resident appealing for those responsible to have ‘the balls to own up to this mess and help the Woodland Trust for an hour or two and clear it up’.

And in a surprise twist, they did with one of the group messaging the original poster to apologise for the mess they and their mates had left saying it was ‘bang out of order’ and that some of the group had gone back to clean up their mess.

A post on Onchan Residents Facebook page said: ‘Further to my earlier post about the mess left in the Centenary Park, yes one of them did have the balls to sort it out and even messaged me to apologise. Fair play to this young man and his mates for clearing up. Hope you guys enjoyed your party! (Perhaps another venue next time).’

It seems that every now and then, we can have nice things. I’m all for people having gatherings right now, it’s been a hard few weeks, but if you are, don’t be a litter tosser and try not to set fire to anything. 

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