Gef’s Daily Roundup

Racing Star’s Rare Illness

TT winner Lee Johnston has announced he has been diagnosed with the rare disease Ankylosing Spondylitis. The 2019 Supersport winner announced his diagnosis on his Youtube channel. Johnston said he will have to ‘take injections for the rest of my life’ to manage the condition.

He added: ‘I’m just going to play it by ear and see how it goes. Hopefully we can get it under control properly and stay positive going forward. We don’t really know how pain-free I’m going to be or how much of the sport I can do or what the situation is.’

Busy Day at the Tip

Both the Eastern and Western civic amenity sites closed earlier today as Manxies rushed to empty their rubbish. Douglas Council said that ‘due to the high volume of material that has been deposited, the waste skips on site are now completely full and we have had to close the site to the public as we cannot accept any new material’. Shortly after, the operators of the Western site said: ‘The site has had to close early due to the Eastern Site closing for technical reasons! The queue at 2.55 was almost to Ballacraine, so for safety and the site almost being at capacity we have had to close early, apologies for any inconvenience.’

Sh*t on It

Sad news for friends of Friday Night Dinner and the excellent series Chernobyl as actor Paul Ritter has died from a brain tumour at the age of just 54. As well as starring as Martin in Friday Night Dinner, where his catchphrase ‘shit on it’ made him something of a cult hero, Ritter also appeared in both the Harry Potter and James Bond series.

Hartlepool Polling

Polling for the Hartlepool by-election, due to be held on May 6, shows the Conservatives well ahead of Labour with the party looking set to take the seat for the first time since the seat was created in 1974. If the Tory candidate does win, it would be just the third time in 50 years a governing party has gained a seat at a by-election.

North Korea Withdraws From Tokyo

North Korea has announced it will not take part in the Tokyo Olympics this year, saying the decision is to protect its athletes from Covid-19.  The decision puts an end to South Korea’s hopes of using the Games to engage with the North amid stalled cross-border talks. In 2018, both sides entered a joint team at the Winter Olympics which led to a series of historic summits. The announcement makes North Korea the first major country to skip the delayed 2020 Games because of the pandemic.

EasyJet Boss Rejects Two Test Plan

The boss of EasyJet has said testing requirements under a proposed ‘traffic light’ system for international travel would be too expensive. Under the system, no isolation would be necessary on return to the UK from so-called “green” countries. But pre-departure and post-arrival tests would be required, potentially costing up to £200 each. Johan Lundgren said: ‘You wouldn’t open up international travel for everyone, but only those who can afford it.’

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