Boris is Taking Liberties

Over the Easter weekend I had a friend round for some deckchairing during which we were discussing the idea of Covid Passports and for once we found some agreement on a matter of politics, it’s indefensible. 

I have no issue with the principle of facing checks for going abroad, I’m not overly keen on it, but I can see the logic behind it, after all there are already countries that require you to prove you have been vaccinated against other illnesses in order to enter them.

But what I can’t see any logic in is why people in Britain should be expected to prove they have either had a vaccine, have antibodies or have had a negative test in order to go to the theatre. And while Boris has ruled out the possibility of them being used in the short term for pubs, he isn’t ruling them out in the longer term. Even then though they aren’t consistent, so far as I remember the UK gov hasn’t reached an agreement with Covid where it will leave people alone on public transport but attack them if they go to see a show in the West End and yet that is what their plans set out.

I’m sorry if anyone doesn’t agree, but personally the idea that you have to prove you don’t have a virus to do something that 15 months ago was a normal part of daily life removes any notion that Britain is a free country. 

If the UK’s gov does move to introduce the Covid passports, then it will have to be done via a vote in the House of Commons, where the Tory backbench seems to be in the mood for rebellion. But they will likely need Labour and Sir Keir Starmer to find a political backbone and vote against the measures. The issue is making for strange bedfellows as Brexiteering Tories find themselves aligned with old nemesis Jeremy Corbyn and London Mayoral candidate, the former actor, Laurence Fox and I find myself agreeing with all of them, which I find almost as worrying as the invasion on liberty the British gov seems to be considering implementing on its citizens.

And if the political company I find myself in on this issue of liberty isn’t worrying enough, it concerns me that our gov may follow suit.

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