Myth Busting: EGaming

Egaming is a relatively new industry, but it’s one that’s taking over the island. It’s big business, with big opportunities- but how much do you really know about the industry? We chatted with our mates over at Amber Gaming to bust some of the myths surrounding one of the quickest growing industries.

It’s dominated by a handful of huge corporations

We all know the big names in the industry, but Phillip Caine, Senior Governance Executive, highlights that “there are a lot of start-up gaming and gambling providers out there catering to niche markets. It’s an exciting time to be in the industry, with providers, large and small, growing rapidly.”

You’ll be married to the job

One of the biggest stigmas surrounding the gaming industry is the idea that you’ll be glued to your desk. While this is possibly the case for some names in the industry, it’s definitely not the case for all. The employees of Amber Gaming might be grafters with incredible work-ethics, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have lives too: the company is all about ensuring that their employees have a strong work-life balance. As James Lees, Senior Compliance Analyst, said that, “Amber Gaming offers a great work-life balance, and this is reflected in the collectiveness of the team.” 

Egaming and esports are just hobbies

In years gone by, Mums have whined at their kids for playing video games at all hours. Little did they know that esports and egaming could affect their future, positively. Phillip highlighted that “the last few years have also shown that esports and egaming are far more than just a hobby and many are now proving it to be a legitimate and lucrative career.” 

esports are for boys 

“Unfortunately, people can stereotype esports gamers, thinking that it’s mostly teenage boys alone in their bedrooms. This is actually far from the truth and the majority of esports players are adults and a large portion are females”, Carly Craig, Senior Governance Executive, told us. 

… and it’s not just an industry for lads, either

Amber Gaming has created an environment that women can thrive in. Accountant Mavis Nyawai said “I work in a team comprising of mostly women who support each other in learning and personal growth. Women’s empowerment is very evident.” Likewise, trainee accountant Eloise Cain said; “I am lucky to have two amazing ladies in my team who are constantly furthering my education in gaming and accountancy.”

Egaming is for loners

Got that image of someone alone in a dark basement, friendless? This MIGHT be what my weekends look like, but it’s not the case for a lot of gamers. Carly noted that games such as DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Fortnite are sociable, and often require others to play. With Manx Telecom having hosted tournaments on the island, esports are becoming as sociable as more traditional sports.

It’s not a real sport…

“This is often debated over, but a misconception about esports is that it’s not a real sport. Sport can be defined as an individual or team that compete against one another for entertainment. The only difference between a professional footballer and a professional gamer is physical activity. The level of training and hours put into the activity is still the same. There is much talk on whether esports will be integrated into the Olympics in 2024, and although esports will not be included in the Tokyo Olympics 2021, they will be hosting tournaments leading up to the games. Esports is especially topical at the moment due to the pandemic limiting physical interaction, which has resulted in a boom in the gaming industry.” Eloise told us.

It’s all hard work…

At Amber Gaming, it’s all about working hard AND playing hard. James said that “We enjoy socialising together and there is rarely a dull day in the office (or working from home!)”. 

It’s each (wo)man for themselves…

At Amber Gaming, collaboration is fundamental, and everyone’s input is valued. They recognise each employee for their strengths and helps them work on their weaknesses with support and training. The culture supports the growth and development of each individual. 

It’s exploitative 

“Those who are not in the industry see the term ‘egaming’ and more often than not associate it with exploitation and taking advantage of vulnerable individuals. But this is far from the case. We at Amber Gaming work with our clients to protect those who do choose to have a bet or a gamble. We help to create an environment where customers can bet in the safest possible environment. This has been particularly important over the last 12 months where people have been spending a great deal of time at home or have lost their jobs due to the global pandemic”, James told us. It’s clear that protecting customers is of vital importance to both James and Amber Gaming. As a Senior Compliance Analyst, part of James’ role is conducting regulatory health checks on partners to ensure that they are operating in accordance with all applicable legislation and regulations and assisting to improve internal policies and procedures to operate in a compliant manner.

It just won’t last…

Fads come and go, but egaming is here to stay. Mavis told us “some reports fear the present trajectory in egaming won’t last long due to regulation and other factors. However, the egaming sector in the Isle of Man has maintained a consistent growth. The Isle of Man government has been a strong supporter of the industry.” 

Amber Gaming is continually growing and is a very respected name within the egaming space. As James told us “As more countries look to introduce their own domestic licensing regime, it is important that we can continue to service our clients in a multitude of jurisdictions. This presents several opportunities for Amber Gaming to continue to provide our best-in-class services to new clients, as well as our existing ones”. With excellent growth already this year, the future is, as Eloise simply puts “up, up, up!” 

If you’re interested in entering the world of egaming…

Amber Gaming have some incredible opportunities, and currently have 10 vacancies across different areas. If you’re a team player who is optimistic, energetic and can work and play hard, you could be a perfect match for their team. You can find out more about the roles available here.

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