A Love Letter To Luna

Influencer and MSPCA PR Liam Rice is perhaps the most famous dog owner on the island, with over 237 THOUSAND people following his adventures with his husky, Luna, on Instagram. In this love letter, Liam tells us all about his incredible relationship with his furry friend.

Writing this letter is quite difficult- because Luna is currently shedding EVERYWHERE.

My husky, Luna, has been in my life for nearly five years, and I wouldn’t change a thing. She has completely changed my life, she is a constant companion, and is always there. Charismatic and beyond sassy, she is just a bundle of love and joy and I’m grateful she has landed into my life. 

Not only has she brought me joy, but she has also changed my life financially. It isn’t as important as the happiness and love she’s brought, but it’s certainly a bonus. How many people can say their dog makes money? Crazy. I feel like she definitely knows this, and this would explain the occasional diva tantrum when in a photoshoot!

We are all blessed with pets, and we carry them with us always! Even long after they are gone. They truly are part of the family and anyone that questions that, they are wrong. It’s important to remember that although pets are only in our lives for a short time, we are their entire lives. Don’t take them for granted, go for that extra dog walk, let the cat sleep on the bed. Keep giving them the love that they truly deserve.

Remember, it’s also important when considering a new pet to adopt (If that is something you can do) you can fill out a home finder form with the ManxSPCA. Take a look at our website www.manxspca.com and get your forms in. It can be a while before we find you the perfect dog, but it’s very worth the wait.

Liam and Luna

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