Gef’s Love For Pets

Back in the 1970s, Michael Jackson sang ‘Ben’, a love song to his pet long-tail. It was pretty f*cking creepy, but I guess that was his style. And while we all might claim that it’s a bit weird to declare to your pet ringie that you “need no look no more” because you “both found what we were looking for”, pet owners can very much relate to the love between a person and their cat/dog/joey/gerbil/goldfish. Here are some of Gef’s nearest and dearest, explaining their love for their pets.

Chess & Digby

“I can’t imagine my life without my dog, Digby. He’s so full of personality and brings me joy every day. He’s also affectionate- absolutely one of the family. Just a class fella.”- Chess Bradley


Carol & Bertie 

“As a kid growing up in Douglas, we always had dogs and all of my sisters have carried this on.

In my career in UK, I travelled a lot, so no pets.

As soon as we came back to Island, I wore down my husband Peter, who had never had a dog, and for 14 years Hector, a golden cocker spaniel, was our constant companion.

When he left us my husband said “let’s take a break from dogs” – I lasted weeks and in the Summer of 2006 the miniature schnauzer brothers, Bertie and Charlie, arrived. 

They were our amazing family for the next 13 years. Loving, fun, caring, protective, each with their own unique personality, they came everywhere with us. Overseas holidays were replaced by UK dog-friendly cottages. They were inseparable and every Xmas I made a card with “the boys” on it.

Charlie left us 2 years ago this month – he was sweet, gentle, and elegant. Bertie, his confident, inquisitive, and gregarious brother, took it in his stride.

Because of this, we moved to Scotland with him for a few months, to develop some new opportunities, this pic is of he and I in our Scottish office. Scotland is super dog friendly and the 3 of us went everywhere, exploring.

In December 2019, whilst here, Bertie became very ill, by January we came home quickly so he was more comfortable, and we would say “there must be a reason Bertie has brought us home”.

By March 2020 we knew why that was.

Bertie is almost 15, he has been ill for a few years and his legs are slow. Inside he is still puppy that played with his brother and loved and cared for us.

Having dogs has been the most joyous part of my life. Sharing their love, fun, personalities, being in the present with them – because that’s where they always are,  and taking walks, visiting dog-friendly cafes and bars, and most of all being with them.

The last year has given me lots of special memories with Bertie that I’ve missed through working full time for so long.

It’s a privilege to share my life with such wonderful companions Bertie, Charlie & Hector.

I would recommend dog ownership to anyone as a stress reliever, a source of joy & happiness and someone who loves you every single day!” –Carol Glover

Charlie and Bertie

Sacha & Nino 

“I can’t imagine our family without Nino, our house wouldn’t be a home that’s for sure! As tiny as he is, he’s got such a big personality and like a human, we’ve learnt to know exactly what he likes and doesn’t. Like how he loves: his bed placed directly in the sunshine; snuggling into my dressing gown on a Saturday morning; when Mark and I finish our dinner each evening, the excited spins he’ll do at the thought of him getting some leftovers! And on the contrary how he’s not a fan of face masks or getting up in the morning and being made to get out of mum and dad’s bed!

The absolute BEST snuggle partner and life companion. My miniature shadow :-)” – Sacha Horsthuis 


Tim & Cersei

“Cersei Lannis-Purr has been in our lives for four years, she came to us after a traumatic start in life but she is OUR WORLD, our fur baby. She is literally the friendliest cat you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. She’s full of sass and Dreamies. We’ve really bonded over the last year because of working from home, she thinks she’s my work colleague and loves taking notes at all my important Zoom meetings. Her favourite activities are – strokes, sleeping, sunbathing and scratching just like most cats but she’s definitely better at it than your cat. Best cat on the island for her age (which could be anything between 6yrs – 10yrs)”. – Tim Cox


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