Chief Minister Howard Quayle has told businesses to prepare to open on Monday, as the island sees yet another day with no new Covid cases.

The current number of active cases of Covid-19 on the island is 21 with no active cases in hospital.

In a statement, Mr Quayle said: ‘It is great to see another day of no cases. Each day without cases – especially cases that we cannot explain – brings us a day closer to exiting this lockdown. All being well, 19 April will be the twenty-first day with no unexplained cases. This would give us a high level of certainty that Covid is no longer circulating in the community.

‘Unless there are events that give us significant cause for concern before then, our intention remains that we will lift all legal restrictions from 19 April. Even after lockdown we will all need to be more vigilant. Gov will continue to explain the risks and share with the public ways to reduce them. As we step out of people’s lives, we will need everyone to continue to make the right decisions for themselves and our wider community.’

While those would remove all legal restrictions, it is possible some businesses may seek to retain some measures such as social distancing or requiring customers to wear masks.

Mr Quayle added: ‘Businesses should begin preparations for reopening from Monday. If they choose not to open immediately, or if they choose to keep measures in place for a little while longer, then that is a matter for them. I hope they will also develop plans in the event of future outbreaks. If they need help with any of this, gov stands ready to support them.’

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