Wine Straight To Your Door? Cheers To That

It’s thought that the Ancient Roman soldiers drank 2-3 litres of wine each a day. This figure used to shock me, but then lockdown happened and now I think, well, fair play to them- who am I to judge? I mean, they didn’t even have Netflix. You’ve got to get pleasure from somewhere.

And what a pleasure wine is. With our beloved bars and pubs closed, many of us are enjoying more and more wine from home. Whether its a glass of red with a takeaway, or a bottle of prosecco while zooming with the girls: wine is being enjoyed across the island- albeit glass-by-glass, opposed by litre-by-litre.

With us drinking from home, ordering cases of wine online is incredibly convenient. But have you thought about where you’re ordering from?

Services from England can seem great: but their service simply cannot compete with smaller, local businesses such as The Wine Cellar. The Manx company are wine experts (actual wine experts too- unlike many of us who merely think we’re wine experts after a few glasses) who genuinely care about your experience. If you have a problem with your wine- such as an oxidised or faulty bottle, The Wine Cellar will replace the bottle. Likewise, if you order a case, only to discover that the wine isn’t to your liking, The Wine Cellar will exchange any unopened bottles. You can’t get better service than that.

You can order a one-off delivery from The Wine Cellar, or make regular orders. They’re flexible too, giving you options for weekly, monthly or quarterly deliveries- with options to take a holiday, too. What could be a better treat than regular cases of your favourite tipple, straight to your door?

If you’re thinking this is the perfect time to develop your palate, you’re right. This is a great time to find out what kind of wine you like- sweet or dry? Merlot or Shiraz? The Wine Cellar’s friendly team of experts can guide you, so you can find a wine that you truly adore. By the time this lockdown has ended, you’ll be able to walk into any bar, pub or restaurant and tell them exactly what you want- instead of just “whatever’s cheapest mate”.

Speaking of low prices- The Wine Cellar has some great value wines, starting at £6: proving that ordering from wine experts doesn’t have to break the bank. For those wanting to splash the cash or want an extra-special treat, The Wine Cellar has some gorgeous, luxurious wines such as Chateau Corton Grancey, Castillo Ygay and the incredible Gaja range: wines that are guaranteed to make any day in lockdown worth remembering. Despite being spoiled for choice with over 850 wines, The Wine Cellar can source thousands of more wines for bespoke orders, or suggest great alternatives.

For those who aren’t wine-lovers, and simply don’t believe they can’t be converted to love it, I don’t understand you at all. However, despite their name, you may be surprised to learn that The Wine Cellar does understand and cater to you. The Wine Cellar also sells beers, ciders, cocktails, liqueurs, and even fancy soft drinks. There’s truly something for everyone.

With incredible customer service, beautiful wines, delivery at your door in 1-3 days, AND free delivery across the island for orders over £65- why wouldn’t you order from your friendly, local wine shop?

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