Cause of Person’s Death Yet to be Established

Health and Social Care Minister David Ashford has issued a clarification after the circumstances of the death of a person who had received a Covid vaccine were raised during questions in the House of Keys today.

Mr Ashford said: ‘We are aware of a member of the community who sadly passed away last week. They had received their vaccination earlier that day, but I must stress that we cannot draw a causal link. The cause of death is not known at this stage, it may sadly have been due to underlying conditions, but that is for the coroner to decide.

‘When a patient suffers an adverse reaction to medication, including vaccines, we use the Yellow Card reporting scheme. This ensures all side effects are reported to the regulators and authorities responsible for authorising vaccines.’ 

A separate incident occurred several weeks ago, where an individual suffered an adverse reaction, was seen in hospital and subsequently discharged. The Yellow Card protocols were all followed.

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