The island’s health and social care provider, Manx Care, will be meeting with the management team of the Corrin Home in Peel after it announced it would be closing.

Originally built in 1955/56 and opening its doors for its first residents in the Spring of 1956, the home was created out of funds left by the Corrin family, an old family who lived in the Peel district.

In a statement released earlier today, the management team confirmed the home would close by July as there is ‘no way to make it viable’.

A spokesman for Manx Care told Gef: ‘Manx Care has been made aware of the Corrin Memorial Home’s decision to surrender its registration to provide residential care in this long established facility in Peel.

‘Manx Care will work with the director and management team of the Corrin Memorial Home to ensure a smooth transition for all those that will be affected by this change. This will understandably generate some concern for those currently living at the Corrin Home along with the staff that are employed there. It is therefore important that Manx Care offers support as and where necessary.’

It is understood that a meeting will be held between Manx Care and the management in the coming days.

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