Applications for Improved Laxey Flood Defences

The gov is planning to undertake a series of flood alleviation works for Laxey River, which will be split into three parts.

Flood defence walls along Glen Road

Enhancing about 130m of the wall on the northern riverbank along Glen Road, from Woollen Mills to Victoria Terrace. This follows on from the works to the wall completed in 2019. 

Replacing the weir

The current MER weir is in a poor condition having become worn as a result of erosion from the river flow. The concrete platform on which the weir sits is unstable, also due to the erosion, and has protruding reinforcement.

The proposed works will remove the existing weir and replace it with a rock ramp weir, similar to the one in Peel. This will look more natural, with a reduced gradient alleviating the risk of flooding to the area. 

Flood defence walls from Victoria Terrace to Swales Bridge

The works adjacent to the rear of the properties on Victoria Terrace will enhance approximately 200 metres of the existing flood walls, from Victoria Terrace to Swales Bridge, to provide improved levels of protection against flood risks along the river. Structural assessments identified that much of this area requires work to replace rundown sections.

The Flood

The area around the river flooded in October 2019 after several gov departments failed to act in relation to felled trees found upriver. When heavy rainfall caused a significant rise in river levels, this caused the trees to travel downstream where they became stuck on a former MER weir which in turn caused a flood on Glen Road which led to a major incident being declared.

DoI Minister Tim Baker said: ‘In recent years we have seen the impact of flooding in Laxey and it is imperative that improvements continue to be made. We have engaged closely with people in Laxey and these plans are submitted based on that work, alongside the recommendations made in the ARUP report into the 2019 flooding. If approved, the work will lower the risk and impact of flooding and help protect homes and businesses.

‘The plans submitted form part of a wider scheme comprising several flood mitigation options at a number of locations in the Laxey catchment. Specialist consultants Jeremy Benn Associates (JBA) have supported the development of the scheme, carefully evaluating options for their suitability, construction method, cost and environmental sustainability.’

The proposed heights for the flood defence walls will follow the recommendations made in the recent flood alleviation feasibility study. The application plans are available to view online on the planning website.

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