Empowering People with Limb Differences

A charity which provides funding to those with limb differences will soon be able to offer financial support to residents on island.

Positive Bones, founded by Josephine Bridges, has been offering advice and support to Manx residents since it launched last year.

Josephine started the charity after she elected to have an amputation in 2018 after a long battle with the lasting effects of bone cancer treatment.

Speaking to Gef, she said: ‘When I saw what prosthetics were available to me on the NHS I felt disheartened that none of them (without a very long wait time) would truly allow me to continue with the activities I enjoyed most (climbing, hiking, kayaking, skiing) let alone take up new ones. 

‘So I looked to the private sectors and was stunned at the capabilities of some private prosthetics, seeing what was possible motivated me in my recovery and ultimately spurred my decision for amputation. I fundraised to buy a prosthetic and was blown away by the support, this combined with what was available on the private market and the motivational sense they provided, made me instantly want to provide this for others. It maddened me that some people would never realise what they were capable of simply because they didn’t have access to the right equipment or service due to lack of funds.’

When applications open for Manx and UK residents, the charity will consider submissions for any service, equipment or prosthetic which would directly benefit a person living with a limb difference. 

While the charity is based in the UK, it has received funding from Manx residents, including those who have fundraised while doing the Parish Walk.

Josephine said: ‘So many Manx people supported me in my fundraising and one of the ways they did so was to use the Parish walk as a fund and awareness raiser for Positive Bones. We are incredibly lucky to have had such amazing support.’

And she wanted to share a ‘massive thank you to the Manx people for being so supportive’. 

She added: ‘They humbled me in the way they gathered as a community to help me buy my leg and thus, start Positive Bones, a true testament to the power of human kindness.’

For more information on the great work Josephine and Positive Bones does, or to donate to the charity, visit here.

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